Song Title
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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
I Adore Reuben Morgan 33 Hillsongs Australia Praise and Adoration Song of Songs 1:4
I Am Trusting You Frances Ridley Havergal and Ethelbert .Bullinger; Additional Chorus by Katie Kapteyn DeGraff 95 Faith Church Worship Faith and Trust Prov 3:5
I Believe In You Joel Engle/David Parker 62 Joel Engle Repentance and Commitment Exodos 34:6
I Bow Down Steve & Vicki Cook 17 Vikki Cook Love, grace and mercy Jms 4:6
I Call You Rita Springer/Paulette Wooten 81 Rita Springer Creation 1 Chr 16:8
I Can Only Imagine Bart Millard & MercyMe 28 Mercy Me Heaven and Eternity 1 Jhn 5:11
I Have Been Freed (Ode 17) John Andrew Schreiner/Odes Of Solomon 66 Sandy Mackie Love, grace and mercy 2 Corinthians 3:17
I Kneel Down Words and music by Graham Kendrick 38 Graham Kendrick Repentance and Commitment Col 1:20
I Know That My Redeemer Lives Charles Wesley/Chris Eaton/John Hartley 93 Tim Hughes Faith and Trust Job 19:25
I Lift Up My Hands Israel Houghton and Ricardo Sanchez 34 Israel Houghton Praise and Adoration Psa 28:2
I Love You Lord Sandtown & Israel Houghton 39 Alvin Richardson Love, grace and mercy Psa 26:8
I Love Your Presence Darren Clarke & Jessie Lane 28 Brenton Brown Love, grace and mercy Isa 6:3
I Love Your Ways Casey Corum & Brandon Dawson 11 Casey Corum & Brandon Dawson Faith and Trust Deut 10:12
I Need Thee (Hear My Cry) Public Domain/Tommy Walker/Charles Billingsley 81 Charles Billingsley Faith and Trust Psa 61:1-3
I Need Thee/I Surrender All Medley Annie S. Hawks/Robert Lowry/Judson W. Van de Venter/Winfield S. Weeden/Paul Stephens 97 Paul Stephens & Linda McCrary Loyalty and Courage Luke 14:33
I Need You Jonathan Stockstill/Andrae Harrison 68 Jonathan Stockstill Loyalty and Courage Amos 5:4
I Need You Every Hour Annie Sherwood Hawks & Rob Still 12 A Friend of John's Repentance and Commitment Psa 109:22
I Need You Jesus Regi Stone/David M Edwards 71 Regi Stone Faith and Trust Col 1:13-14
I Run Mark Warren, Joel Warren and Drue Phillips 24 Forty Days Love, grace and mercy Psa 18:3
I Walk By Faith Chris Falson 9 The Praise Band Faith and Trust 2 Corinthians 5:7
I Will Chris Rodriquez/Chris Eaton 75 Chris Eaton Praise and Adoration Rom 15:5
I Will Drew Cline/Phil Naish/Lowell Alexander 66 Drew Cline Praise and Adoration Psa 25:5
I Will Bow Down and Worship Danny & Jillian Chambers, Lincoln Brewster 9 Danny Chambers Love, grace and mercy Psa 95:6
I Will Not Be Shaken Tommy Walker/Jacob Park 82 Tommy Walker Faith and trust Psa 18:1-6
I Will Remember James Montgomery & Henry W Greatorex, adapted by John A Schreiner 26 Cathy Schreiner Loyalty and Courage Mat 26:28
I Will Search Israel Houghton/Meleasa Houghton 65 Israel and New Breed Love, grace and mercy 1 Chr 28:9
I Will Sing Matt Boswell/Michael Weaver 72 Matt Boswell Praise and Adoration Psa 108:1
I Will Stand (The Solid Rock) Scott C. Riggan/Edward Mote/William B. Bradbury 99 Scott Riggan Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 10:4
I Wonder Leeland Mooring 96 Leeland Praise and Adoration Psa 65:8
I'm Changed Jeffrey Smith 89 Jeffery Smith Salvation Psa 30:3
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) Benji Cowart/Jacob Sooter/Tyler Miller 110 Vertical Church Praise and adoration Romans 8:3
If God Be For Me Ricardo Sanchez/Israel Houghton 98 Ricardo Sanchez Praise and Adoration Rom 8:31
Images of Faith Vickie & Marty McCall 6 Marty McCall Faith and Trust Hebrews 11
Immortal, Invisible Walter Chalmers Smith 50 Out Of Eden Praise and Adoration 1 Tim 1:17
In Jesus Name Jason Ingram/Stuart Garrard/Jon Thatcher/Paul Mabury 90 One Sonic Society Hope and Assurance Psa 9:10
In the Arms Carlos Whittaker/Nathan Finochio 108 Carlos Whittaker Praise and Adoration Isaiah 39:14
In You Michael Boggs/Dave Hunt 90 Michael Boggs Love, grace and mercy Mat 11:28
In You Alone Justin Unger/Carl Wayne 69 Justin Unger Faith and Trust Amos 9:11
In Your Presence Tracy Frech and Billy Smiley 48 Charity Von Praise and Adoration Psa 1611
Indescribable Laura Story 55 Laura Story Creation Rom 1:20
Into the Light David Bird, Sarah Lacy & Richard Lacy 7 David Bird, Sarah Lacy & Richard Lacy Praise and Adoration John 1:9
Irresistible Regi Stone/David Edwards 59 Angela Cruz Love, grace and mercy Phil 2:1-3
It Is Finished Matt Papa/Jennie Lee Riddle 97 Matt Papa Passion and Death Jhn 19:30
It Is Well Horitio Spafford Arr Michael Omartian, Mark Harris, And Chrisman, Marty Magehee & Kirk Sullivan 22 4Him Renewal Psa 13:4
It's All For You Tony Guerrero/Gannin Arnold/Jim Goodwin 67 John Stearns Loyalty and Courage 2 Corinthians 9:8