Song Title
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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
O Bless The Lord Matthew Westerholm/Lindsey McCaul 75 Lindsey McCaul Morning Psa 30:4-5
O Come All Ye Faithful Words & music by John F Wade/Public Domain Arrangement and new lyrics by Kim Hill, Jamie Kenney and Chris Graffagnino 47 Kim Hill Praise and Adoration Psa 30:4
O Come All Ye Faithful John Francis Wade, arr by Keith Cooper and Cory Palermo 28 The Kindled Christmas Psa 30:4
O For A 1000 Tongues To Sing Carl Gotthelf Glaser/Charles Wesley/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:50
O Lamb of God Tony Guerrero 79 Scott Reed Redemption Eph 1:7
O Lord of Light Words Traditional/public domain Arrangement by Andrew Thompson 49 Jill Paquette Praise and Adoration Isa 47:4
O Rejoice Mia Fields 58 Darlene Zschech Advent Mat 1:21
O Taste And See Brian Johnson/Jenn Johnson 59 Brian & Jenn Johnson Salvation Psa 34:8
O The Blood Thomas Miller/Mary Beth Miller 91 Gateway Worship Salvation 1 Jhn 1:7
O the Deep Deep Love Original words by Samuel Francis (1834-1925) Music, chorus and alternate words by Bob Kauflin 76 Sovereign Grace Music. Love, grace and mercy Jhn 13:1
O The Deep Love Of Jesus Samuel Trevor Francis/Thomas J. Williams/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Tommy Walker Love, grace and mercy Rom 5:5
O Worship the King Robert Grant, William Gardiner, new lyrics and arrangement by Chris Tomlin 44 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Psa 104
Ode 15 John Andrew Schreiner/Odes Of Solomon, adapted by Eddy Duhan 64 Cathy Schreiner Praise and Adoration Psa 129
Oh Crimson Flow Josh Hickman/Matt Birkenfeld 78 Christ For The Nations Passion and Death Eph 2:13
Oh My Strength Marie Barnett 31 Marie Barnett Salvation Psa 29:11
Oh Our Lord Leslie Jordan/David Leonard/Paul Baloche 99 All Sons & Daughters Praise and Adoration Psa 8:9
One True God Don Poythress/Jennie Lee Riddle/Tony Wood 95 Newsong Praise and Adoration Jhn 17:3
Only Grace Matthew West & Kenny Greenberg 52 Matthew West Salvation Eph 1:7
Only You Can Satisfy Caleb Clements/Todd Proctor 83 Caleb Clements Renewal Isa 55:2
Only Your Love Jason Ingram/Jason Houser 54 Jason Ingram Love, grace and mercy Jude 1:21
Open Hands Matt Papa/James Tealy 79 Matt Papa Service and Stewardship Mat 25:40
Open My Eyes Reuben Morgan/Braden Lang 86 Hillsong Live Prayer and Guidance Psa 119
Open Up Our Eyes Chris Brown/London Gatch/Mack Brock/Stuart Garrard/Wade Joye 107 Elevation Church Praise and Adoration Psa 136:1
Open Up the Heavens Andi Rozier/Jason Ingram/Stu Garrard/Meredith Andrews/James MacDonald 101 Vertical Church Music Heaven and Eternity Isa 45:8
Open Up the Sky Lindell Cooley and Lenny LeBlanc 39 Lindell Cooley Prayer and Guidance Isa 40:5-6
Our God Reigns Jeremy Scott/Isaac Tarter/Bryan Bettis 91 Generation Unleashed Renewal Rev 19:6
Our God Saves Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown 64 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Psa 68:20
Our Great God Mac Powell/Juan F Orta 64 Todd Agnew Praise and Adoration Titus 2:13-14
Our Messiah Reigns Glenn Packiam/Ian Eskelin 93 Glenn Packiam Praise and Adoration Rev 11:15
Out Of Ashes Paul Marino/Greg Nelson/Jeremy Johnson 66 Travis Cottrell Redemption 1 Kings 13:3
Overflow Mia Lazar/Bethany Ufema/Berchman Paul Jr. 112 Lifepoint Worship Love, grace and mercy Romans 15:13