Song Title
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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
Pass It On Tommy Walker 74 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 11:1
Perfect Love Ronnie Freeman/Matt Armstrong 87 Ronnie Freeman Love, grace and mercy Psa 36:7
Pour Out Scott Reed/Natalie Hayden 93 Shani Judd-Diehl Renewal Psa 34:8
Pouring It Out For You Jared Anderson/Jonathan Lee 98 Newsboys Praise and Adoration Ps 63:4
Power Of The Cross Shelly E Johnson 102 Shelly E Johnson Salvation 1 Corinthians 1:18
Praise Him Matt Crocker/Nathan Finochio 103 Theroyalroyal Praise and Adoration Psa 150:4
Praise Him Klaus Kuehn/Thomas Miller 89 Klaus Praise and Adoration Psa 148:7
Praise Him Miriam Webster/Simeon Webster 86 Miriam Webster Praise and Adoration Psa 150:6
Praise Him Mickeal & Leigh-Ann McCool 52 Mickeal McCool Praise and Adoration 1 Chr 16:9
Praise Him, Praise Him Chester G. Allen/Fanny Jane Crosby/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 The Community Bible Church Choir and the C.A.Generations Gospel Choir Praise and Adoration Psa 105:2
Praise to the Lord the Almighty Catherine Winkworth, Joachim Neander/Public Domain New arrangement and lyrics by Nathan and Christy Nockels 45 Christy Nockels Praise and Adoration Nehemiah 9:6
Praise To The Lord, the Almighty German Hymn, Joachim Neander,1650-1680; tr Catherine Winkworth,1827-1878, alt Stralsund Gesangbuch, 1665 harm W Sterndale Bennett, 1816-1875 Arr By Paul Mills 68 Lifeway Worship Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:50
Praise You Lydia Jones & Katie Toop 17 Satisfied Soul Praise and Adoration Psa 9
Prepare a Place Christine Dente and Michael W Smith 47 Christine Dente and Michael W Smith Return Jms 5:7
Psalm 23 Caleb Miller 57 Caleb Miller Renewal Psa 23