Song Title
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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
Reaching for Me Michael Boggs/Chad Cates 77 Michael Boggs Salvation 2 Corinthians 4:15
Reaching for You Lincoln Brewster/Paul Baloche 89 Lincoln Brewster Testimony Eph 1:7
Ready Mac Powell/Third Day 69 Third Day Salvation Mat 18:3
Receive Calvin Nowell/Vicky Beeching 62 Calvin Nowell Repentance and Commitment Pro 8:35
Redeemer Nicole C Mullen 22 Nicole C. Mullen Redemption Job 19:25
Redeemer, Saviour, Friend Darrell Evans & Chris Springer 16 Eric Nuzum Redemption Jam 2:23
Redemption Song Ben Glover/Matt Bronleewe/Mike Grayson/Sam Tinnesz 105 MIKESCHAIR Advent Luke 19:10
Refuge Adapted from 'Psalm 31, Part 1' by Isaac Watts Written by Neil Robins 83 Sojourn Hope and assurance 2 Sam 22:3
Reign Christine D'Clario/Ike Ndolo/Matthew Reed/Paul Mabury 107 Christine D'Clario Ascension and Reign Rev 11:15
Reign Joe Sabolick 41 Joe Sabolick Ascension and Reign Exodos 15:18
Reign on Me Cheri Keaggy 18 Cheri Keaggy Repentance and Commitment 1 Corinthians 13:3
Rejoice The Lord Is King Charles Wesley/John Darwall/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration Psa 35:9
Relentless Shelley Green 78 Journey Home Salvation Luke 1:78-79
Remembrance Matt Maher/Matt Redman 80 Matt Maher Lord's Supper Mat 26:25-27
Rescue Jared Anderson 41 Desperation Salvation Acts 4:12
Resound Kellen Mills/Karla Mills/Jon Ketchum/Bryan Lemus 100 {l.a.}godMusic feat. Kellen Mills Praise and Adoration Psa 96:11
Rest In The Light Anna Gilbert/Wilson Parks 105 Anna Gilbert Advent Romans 5:8
Rest In You Mia Fieldes 50 Hillsong Church Renewal Mat 11:23
Restore Us JR Taylor/Jerry Wise 89 TaylorWise Redemption Jer 33:1-3
Revival Jeremiah Carlson 95 The Neverclaim Renewal Psa 80:18
Revive Me Jeremy Camp 40 Jeremy Camp Renewal Rom 12:2
Revive Us Again William P Mackay/John J Husband/Arr by David Cleveland 73 LifeWay Worship Repentance and Commitment Psa 85:6
Revive Us Again Arr By Michael Weaver 72 Big Daddy Weave Renewal Hos 6:2
Rise Up Rita Springer 43 Rita Springer Faith and Trust Isa 54:17
Risen King/Messiah Come Medly John Chisum and Kirk & Deby Dearsman and Nancy Gordon 19 John Chisum Resurrection Luke 2:1-20
Risen Today Aaron Shust/Charles Wesley 99 Aaron Shust Resurrection Matt 28:6
Rising Paul Baloche/Matt Redman 56 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Psa 113:3
Run C. Heath/A. Heath/C. Woods/B. Thomas/A. Donaghy/A. Bowsher/C. Ford 96 Andrew Heath Band Loyalty and courage Rom 8:39
Rushing Waters Dustin Smith/Michael Farren 105 Dustin Smith Praise and Adoration Ezekiel 43:2