Song Title
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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
Waiting Here For You Jesse Reeves/Chris Tomlin/Martin Smith 92 Christy Nockels Faith and trust Psa 130:6
Water Mark Rivera and Eddie Arizmendez 30 Inland Vineyard Praise and Adoration Psa 51:1
Water Sean Hall, Matt Brouwer & Jill Paquette 27 Matt Brouwer Praise and Adoration Jhn 4:10
We Are All One Dave Bankhead 13 Various Fellowship of believers 1 Corinthians 12:1
We Are One Mary Kat Conolley 96 Harbour Live Hope and assurance Jhn 10:28
We Are One Lonnie Wilson/Dave Robbins 65 Donna Kay Fellowship of believers Col 3:14
We Are the Body of Christ Scott Wesley Brown and David Hampton 12 Scott Wesley Brown Fellowship of believers Rom 12:5
We Believe Judie Lawson & Kate Miner 19 Kate Miner Faith and Trust 1 Pe 1:8
We Cry Out Jeremy Camp/Brenton Brown 88 Jeremy Camp Service and Stewardship Psa 34:17
We Lift You Up L. Wright/P. Wright III 98 Lisa Wright Praise and Adoration Ps 68:4
We Love You Lord Regi Stone/Jeff Ferguson 85 Regi Stone Praise and Adoration 1 Jhn 1:9
We Remember Jennifer Barnett 88 Marie Barnett Lord's Supper Luke 22:7-20
We Will Rise Brady Toops/Kip Fox 112 Kip Fox Resurrection Romans 6:4
We'll Make It Loud Shannon Alford/Sion Alford 69 Gateway Church Praise and Adoration Isa 66:5
We've A Story To Tell The Nations H. Ernest Nichol/New Melodies/Arrangement by Vicksburg 92 Vicksburg Evangelism and missions Mat 24:14
Welcome Home Michael W Smith/Michael Farren/Kyle Lee 88 Michael W. Smith Heaven and Eternity Psa 139
Welcome In This Place Scott Reed/Shawn Craig 63 Scott Reed Praise and Adoration 1 Chr 16:35
Welcome in this Place David & Penelope Weeks 43 Dwuane Starling Holy Spirit Acts 1:8
Were You There? Traditional (Arr By Travis Ryan) 90 Travis Ryan Resurrection Mrk 15:25
What a Day John Chisum and George Searcy 4 John Chisum Praise and Adoration Phil 4:4
What A Savior Eddie Kirkland/Steve Fee/Todd Fields 98 Eddie Kirkland Praise and Adoration 2 Pet 3:18
Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right Words by Samuel Rodigast (1675)/Music by Jeff Bourgue 108 Grace Community Church Faith and Trust Psa 23
Whatever It Takes Joe Beck, Rick Cua, Billy Sprague 51 Springhill Worship Repentance and Commitment Jhn 2:17
When I Remember Kim Hill & Jeff Silvey 22 Kim Hill Life and Ministry Rom 3:24-25
When Love Was Slain Jennie Lee Riddle/Crystal Yates 93 New Nation Music Passion and Death Rom 5:8
When We Gather Brad Bichsel/Joshua Silverberg/Kipp Williams 111 Brad & Rebekah Fellowship of Believers Matt 18:20
Where You Are Jeromy Deibler, Michael Boggs, Daniel McFarlane 23 FFH Loyalty and Courage Jhn 16:33
Who Is He Justin Unger/Larry Wright 81 Justin Unger Redemption Jhn 1:12
Wonder, Worship, Believe Wendy Wills/Doug Bryson/David Dorn 85 N/A Praise and Adoration 2 Chr 29:30
Wonderful God Paul Baloche/Rita Baloche 82 Paul Baloche Love, grace and mercy Pro 23:18
Worship Is Everything We Are Ken Bryars & Dave Williamson 15 Praise and Adoration Hebrews 13:15
Worth It All Ben Cantelon/Benji Cowart/Jason Ingram/Jonathan Smith 107 Ben Cantelon Faith and Trust Luke 9:57
Worthy Is the Lamb Doug Musso/Josh Foster 94 Doug Musso Passion and Death Rev 5:12
Wrap Me In Your arms Michael Gungor/Daniel Grothe 64 Lisa Gungor Love, grace and mercy Isa 40:11