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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus Louisa MR Snead, music by William J Kirkpatrick 20 Various Faith and Trust Jhn 14:1
Again and Again Claire Clonginger and Robert Sterling 49 Shelley Jennings Praise and Adoration Psa 7:17
Again I Say Rejoice Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey 45 Israel Houghton Praise and Adoration Psa 48:1
All Creation Sings Overflow and Aaron Benward 62 Overflow Praise and Adoration 1 Chr 29:11
All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name Edward Perronet/John Rippon/Oliver Holden/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 The Community Bible Church Choir and the C.A.Generations Gospel Choir Praise and Adoration Dan 2:20
All Praise to God Johann J. Schuetz/Public Domain 109 Scott Krippayne Praise and Adoration Psa 96:4
Amen Sean Keith/Dave Lubben 88 Sean Keith Salvation Rev 7:10
America Chris Tomlin, JD Walt and Jack Parker 29 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration 2 Chr 7:14
And Can It Be Charles Wesley, arr Scott Roley 23 Sandra McCracken Hope and Assurance Rom 5:8
Arise John Larson/Daniel Bashta 74 John Larson Praise and Adoration Psa 9:19
Arise Paul Baloche/Don Moen 63 Sound of the New Breed Praise and Adoration 2 Chr 6:40-41
Awesome God Bryan Popin/Tyrone Powell 108 Bryan Popin Praise and Adoration Deut 7:21
Awesome Is the Lord Most High Jon Abel/Cary Pierce/Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves 82 Jon Abel Praise and Adoration Psa 47:2
Be A Sacrifice Jimmy Fedorkevich and Buddy Mullins 34 Nashville Christ Chuch Choir Hope and Assurance Hebrews 13:15
Beautiful One Tim Hughes 41 Tim Hughes Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 2:9
Beginning and End Richard & Sarah Lacy, David Byrd 10 Eden's Bridge Creation Rev 22:13
Bless The Lord Anthony Skinner/Don Poythress/Heather Land/Jared Anderson 103 Jared Anderson Praise and Adoration Psa 103:1
Bless Your Name Eddie Kirkland/Brett Younker/Todd Fields/Steve Fee 84 Eddie Kirkland Praise and Adoration Isa 6:3
Blessing and Honor Vicky Beeching/Sarah Macintosh/Jonathan Macintosh 84 Vicky Beeching Praise and Adoration Psa 72:19
Brand New Day Sarah Kelly/Brandon Culvey/Mitch Dane/Dean Truitt/Matt Owen 68 Sarah Kelly Praise and Adoration Isa 45:6
Captured Mark Waldrop/Mike Dodson/Jeremy Bush/Jack Parker 112 The Digital Age Love, grace and mercy Colossians 1:13
Christ Is Risen Mike Hohnholz/Grahm Goughty 90 Mike Hohnholz Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15:5
Come And Save Us Jon Bauer/Rusty Varenkamp 98 Jon Bauer Salvation Luke 19:10
Come To Jesus Josh Blakesley and Sarah Hart 62 Josh Blakesley Love, grace and mercy Rom 8:21
Cover the Earth Israel & Meleasa Houghton & Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff 42 Lakewood Church Praise and Adoration Nmb 14:21
Cover Us Elissa Leander/Don Koch/Brian White 72 The Sonflowerz Loyalty and Courage Dt 32:2
Crown Him With Many Crowns George Job Elvey/Godfrey Thring/Matthew Bridges/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 The Community Bible Church Choir and the C.A.Generations Gospel Choir Praise and Adoration Hebrews 2:9
Crown Him With Many Crowns Text is Mathew Bridges/Music George J Elvey/Arranged by Ryan Foglesong 88 The Enfield Hymn Sessions Praise and Adoration Rev 19:12
Cry Holy Marc Byrd, Andrew Thompson and Rick Heil 38 Sonicflood Praise and Adoration Psa 96:11
Days of Elijah Robin Mark 14 Robin Mark Return Luke 4:25
Do It Dottie Peoples 74 Dottie Peoples Faith and Trust Psa 30:2
Do You Hear? Reid Greven/Todd Fields 89 James David Carter Advent Luke 2:11
Draw Me Close Kelly Carpenter 27 The Katinas Faith and Trust Jer 30:21
Eternal King Ben Jones/Andrea Jones/ Christopher Jones 102 CBC Worship featuring Ben Jones' Praise and Adoration Psa 118:28
Everlasting King Jamie Birkenfeld/Julio Robert Quintana/Justin Loose 66 Christ For The Nations Institute Loyalty and Courage 1 Chr 16:36
Everything Darrell Evans/David Gungor/Michael Rossback 76 Darrell Evans. Loyalty and courage Luke 5:11
Excellent Martha Munizzi/Michael Gungor 93 Martha Munizzi Praise and Adoration Psa 8:1
Fairest Lord Jesus H.A.Hoffman Von Fallersleben/Joseph Augustus Seiss/Jadon Lavik 103 Jadon Lavik Praise and Adoration John 13:31
Famous One Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves 33 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Psa 19:1
Finding Who We Are Marsh Shamburger 51 Kutless Praise and Adoration 1 Kings 18:24
Floodgate Paul Colman/Michael Neale 75 Michael Neale Salvation Mal 3:10
Follow Him Gibson Arona & Slater Armstrong 33 Slater Armstrong Faith and Trust Mrk 8:34
For Your Name Jad Gillies/Joel Houston/Reuben Morgan 80 Hillsong Praise and Adoration Psa 66:4
Forever Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves 26 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Psa 100:5
Forevermore Aaron Shust/Brett Rutledge/Justin McKay/Jason Ingram 78 Aaron Shust Praise and Adoration Dt 4:35
Free Jason Ingram/Bart Millard/Dan Muckala/Jim Bryson/Nathan Cochran/Barry Graul/Mike Scheuchzer/Robby Shaffer 86 Mercy Me Redemption Jhn 8:32
Friend Of God Michael Gungor and Israel Houghton 49 Phillips, Craig and Dean Hope and Assurance Jms 2:23
Fuel Tom Wuest 27 Todd Warren Faith and Trust Psa 118:81
God Is Moving Jon Abel/Chad Cates/Lee Black 79 Jon Abel Ascension and reign Mat 6:9-10
God Most High Ben Cantelon/Luke Hellebronth/Martyn Layzell 110 Worship Central Praise and adoration Ps 57:2
God My rock Brenton Brown/Paul Baloche 106 Brenton Brown Praise and Adoration Psa 18:2
God of Creation Jeff Jansen/Joel Ceballos 110 Valley Worship Foundation and nature Col 1:15
God Of Hope Josh Bronleewe/Quinn Erwin 111 Quinn Erwin Praise and Adoration Romans 15:13
God's Romance Martin Smith 23 Delirious? Praise and Adoration Song of Songs 7:10
Gonna Lift You Up Jonathan Butler/Israel Houghton 63 Jonathan Butler Praise and Adoration Jhn 12:32
Great And Glorious Matt Hooper/Jonathan James/Mark Stevens/Bernie Herms 86 ALM: UK Praise and Adoration Psa 103:1
Great Is The Lord Stephen von Heyking/Steve Deal 86 Atmospheres Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 7:22
Hallelujah Anthony Evans/Michael Boggs/Jason Cox 83 Anthony Evans Praise and Adoration Psa 92:8
He Is Here Nick Robertson/Tony Wood/Ronnie Freeman 68 Ronnie Freeman Fellowship of believers Dt 16:11
He's Worthy Geron Davis/Gerica Davis 56 Geron Davis Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:4
Hear The Sound David Leonard/Leslie Jordan/Matt Maher 106 All Sons & Daughters Praise and Adoration Psa 145:8
Heart & Soul Josh Fox/Paul Mabury 109 Josh Fox Faith and Trust Psa 23
Holy Aaron Sternke 80 Rend the Heavens Prayer and Guidance 1 Chr 16:10
Holy One DeVries/Duncan/Ryan 77 Becki Ryan Praise and Adoration Psa 71:22
Holy Unafraid Jason Walker/Tim Timmons 109 Tim Timmons Prayer and Guidance Hebrews 10:14
Hope In Me Mary Alessi/Martha Munizzi 91 Mary Alessi Hope and assurance 2 Thes 2:16
Hosanna Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown 55 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Mat 21:9
I Can Only Imagine Bart Millard & MercyMe 28 Mercy Me Heaven and Eternity 1 Jhn 5:11
I Kneel Down Words and music by Graham Kendrick 38 Graham Kendrick Repentance and Commitment Col 1:20
I Need You Every Hour Annie Sherwood Hawks & Rob Still 12 A Friend of John's Repentance and Commitment Psa 109:22
I Walk By Faith Chris Falson 9 The Praise Band Faith and Trust 2 Corinthians 5:7
I Will Drew Cline/Phil Naish/Lowell Alexander 66 Drew Cline Praise and Adoration Psa 25:5
I Will Stand (The Solid Rock) Scott C. Riggan/Edward Mote/William B. Bradbury 99 Scott Riggan Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 10:4
I'm Changed Jeffrey Smith 89 Jeffery Smith Salvation Psa 30:3
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) Benji Cowart/Jacob Sooter/Tyler Miller 110 Vertical Church Praise and adoration Romans 8:3
If God Be For Me Ricardo Sanchez/Israel Houghton 98 Ricardo Sanchez Praise and Adoration Rom 8:31
Immortal, Invisible Walter Chalmers Smith 50 Out Of Eden Praise and Adoration 1 Tim 1:17
In the Arms Carlos Whittaker/Nathan Finochio 108 Carlos Whittaker Praise and Adoration Isaiah 39:14
Jesus Ian Eskelin/Tony Wood 78 Robert Pierre Faith and trust Psa 63:4
Jesus Hurry Scott Davis/Kevin Hugley/Wes Willis 64 Rush Of Fools Return Phil 3:20
Jesus Lamb of God Jonathan Stockstill 84 Deluge Prayer and Guidance Nehemiah 1
Jesus Move Michael Weaver/Phil Wickham 102 Big Daddy Weave Praise and Adoration Acts 1:8
Jesus Reigns Todd Fields/Eddie Kirkland 81 Todd Fields Ascension and reign Psa 9:7
Jesus Saves Tim Hughes/Nick Herbert 79 Tim Hughes Salvation Psa 96:2
Jireh Jonathan Gulley 35 Antioch Community Church Renewal Psa 51:1
Joy to the World Isaac Watts/Music and additional lyrics by Shannon Wexelberg 89 Shannon Wexelberg Advent Luke 2:10
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Words by Henry van Dyke/Music by Ludwig van Beethoven/Arr By Jeremy Johnson 70 LifeWay Worship Praise and Adoration Psa 100:2
Jump In Stephen Swanson 15 Renewal Rev 22:1
Let Our God Be Praised Michael Farren/Chad R Cates/Barry Weeks 84 Pocket Full of Rocks Praise and Adoration Eph 1:3
Let Us Rise Sarah Reeves/Ed Cash 78 Sarah Reeves Renewal Acts 4:12
Let Your Fire Fall Lynn DeShazo and Gary Sadler 4 Paul Wilbur Salvation Isa 29:6
Liberty Shane Barnard 99 Shane & Shane Salvation Gal 5:1
Lift Him Up Byron Cage/Gerald Robinson/Kurt Carr 55 Byron Cage Praise and Adoration Job 37:15
Louder Than The Angels Joel Engle/David Parker/Dennis Jernigan 58 Joel Engle Praise and Adoration Rev 5:11-12
Love Divine Shannon J. Wexelberg/Public Domain "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" 107 Shannon Wexelberg Love, grace and mercy Eph 2:4-5
Love Found Me Dave Hanbury/Rich Thompson/Mike Tenkate/Tyler Hall/Jason Ingram 87 Revive Redemption Rom 4:25
Make Us More Brett Rutledge/Brian Yakaboski 102 Brett Rutledge Prayer and Guidance Psa 2:3
My Glorious Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard 25 Delirious? Creation Titus 2:13
My Heart, Your Home Nathan & Christy Nockels 20 Watermark Prayer and Guidance Rev 3:12
My Savior Lives Jon Egan/Glenn Packiam 60 New Life Worship Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:47
New Day Andy Park 79 Andy Park Renewal Isa 42:10
Noel, Noel Calvin Noel/Evan Wickham 81 Calvin Nowell Advent Luke 1:31
Nothing But The Blood Conribution: Words and Music Andy Cherry 97 Andy Cherry Praise and Adoration Jhn 1:29
Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us) Ben Calhoun/Jason Ingram/Seth Mosely 110 Citizen Way Love, grace and mercy Rom 8:39
O Bless The Lord Matthew Westerholm/Lindsey McCaul 75 Lindsey McCaul Morning Psa 30:4-5
O For A 1000 Tongues To Sing Carl Gotthelf Glaser/Charles Wesley/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:50
O Taste And See Brian Johnson/Jenn Johnson 59 Brian & Jenn Johnson Salvation Psa 34:8
O The Deep Love Of Jesus Samuel Trevor Francis/Thomas J. Williams/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Tommy Walker Love, grace and mercy Rom 5:5
O Worship the King Robert Grant, William Gardiner, new lyrics and arrangement by Chris Tomlin 44 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Psa 104
Only Your Love Jason Ingram/Jason Houser 54 Jason Ingram Love, grace and mercy Jude 1:21
Open My Eyes Reuben Morgan/Braden Lang 86 Hillsong Live Prayer and Guidance Psa 119
Open Up the Heavens Andi Rozier/Jason Ingram/Stu Garrard/Meredith Andrews/James MacDonald 101 Vertical Church Music Heaven and Eternity Isa 45:8
Open Up the Sky Lindell Cooley and Lenny LeBlanc 39 Lindell Cooley Prayer and Guidance Isa 40:5-6
Our God Reigns Jeremy Scott/Isaac Tarter/Bryan Bettis 91 Generation Unleashed Renewal Rev 19:6
Pass It On Tommy Walker 74 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 11:1
Perfect Love Ronnie Freeman/Matt Armstrong 87 Ronnie Freeman Love, grace and mercy Psa 36:7
Pouring It Out For You Jared Anderson/Jonathan Lee 98 Newsboys Praise and Adoration Ps 63:4
Praise Him Klaus Kuehn/Thomas Miller 89 Klaus Praise and Adoration Psa 148:7
Praise Him Miriam Webster/Simeon Webster 86 Miriam Webster Praise and Adoration Psa 150:6
Praise Him, Praise Him Chester G. Allen/Fanny Jane Crosby/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 The Community Bible Church Choir and the C.A.Generations Gospel Choir Praise and Adoration Psa 105:2
Praise to the Lord the Almighty Catherine Winkworth, Joachim Neander/Public Domain New arrangement and lyrics by Nathan and Christy Nockels 45 Christy Nockels Praise and Adoration Nehemiah 9:6
Praise You Lydia Jones & Katie Toop 17 Satisfied Soul Praise and Adoration Psa 9
Reaching for Me Michael Boggs/Chad Cates 77 Michael Boggs Salvation 2 Corinthians 4:15
Reaching for You Lincoln Brewster/Paul Baloche 89 Lincoln Brewster Testimony Eph 1:7
Redeemer Nicole C Mullen 22 Nicole C. Mullen Redemption Job 19:25
Redemption Song Ben Glover/Matt Bronleewe/Mike Grayson/Sam Tinnesz 105 MIKESCHAIR Advent Luke 19:10
Reign Christine D'Clario/Ike Ndolo/Matthew Reed/Paul Mabury 107 Christine D'Clario Ascension and Reign Rev 11:15
Reign on Me Cheri Keaggy 18 Cheri Keaggy Repentance and Commitment 1 Corinthians 13:3
Risen Today Aaron Shust/Charles Wesley 99 Aaron Shust Resurrection Matt 28:6
Rising Paul Baloche/Matt Redman 56 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Psa 113:3
Salt and Light Jan & John L'Ecuyer 37 Jami Smith Evangelism and Missions Mat 5:13-16
Saved By Grace Aaron Lindsey/Israel Houghton/Daniel Johnson 75 Israel Houghton Love, grace and mercy Eph 1:7
Say, Say Chris Tomlin/Christy Nockels/Kristian Stanfill 85 Christy Nockels Praise and Adoration Acts 17:3
Set Free Andy Moceri/Greg Reade/James Boykin/Russell Allen 95 The Ascent Love, grace and mercy Rom 8:2
Shelter Me Jason Harrison & Darrin Sasser 16 Among Thorns Renewal Psa 91
Shine On Carlos Whittaker/Jason Ingram 85 Carlos Whittaker Prayer and Guidance Mat 4:16
Shout Joyfully BJ Putnam/Melody Putnam 67 BJ Putnam Praise and Adoration Ezra 3:11
Sing Your Praise Scott Keller/Sheri Carr 70 Sheri Carr Praise and Adoration Acts 4:24
Sing Your Praises Adam Farrell/Kassi Hemerka 102 Kassi Hemerka Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:50
So Good Elizabeth De Jesús/Rick Rivera 100 New Life Covenant Church Praise and Adoration Psa 145:2
Still Standing Israel Houghton/Cindy Cruse Ratcliff 54 Israel Houghton and New Breed Love, grace and mercy Rom 5:2
Stronger Caleb Clements/Todd Proctor/Trevor Hoehne 98 Caleb Clements Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:33
Sweeter Israel Houghton 51 Lakewood Praise and Adoration Psa 55:14
The Door Leeland Dayton Mooring/Jack Anthony Mooring/Steve Wilson/William Jacob Holtz 79 Leeland Faith and trust Jhn 14:6
The Grateful Tim Timmons/Roy Schenkenberger 71 Tim Timmons Harvest and Thanksgiving Phil 4:6
The New Song We Sing Meredith Andrews/Jason Ingram/Keith Everette Smith 68 Meredith Andrews Praise and Adoration Psa 33:3
The Noise We Make Chris Tomlin & Jesse Reeves 21 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Rev 5:12-13
To the King Travis Cottrell/Angela Cottrell 79 Travis Cottrell Praise and Adoration Psa 47:7
To Your Glory Jeremiah Mullins 94 Jeremiah Mullins Salvation Rom 5:8
Today Is the Day Lincoln Brewster/Paul Baloche 73 Lincoln Brewster Praise and Adoration Psa 118:24
Victorious God Glenn Packiam/Ian Eskelin 111 New Life Worship Ascension and Reign 1 Cor 15:5
We Cry Out Jeremy Camp/Brenton Brown 88 Jeremy Camp Service and Stewardship Psa 34:17
We'll Make It Loud Shannon Alford/Sion Alford 69 Gateway Church Praise and Adoration Isa 66:5
What a Day John Chisum and George Searcy 4 John Chisum Praise and Adoration Phil 4:4
What A Savior Eddie Kirkland/Steve Fee/Todd Fields 98 Eddie Kirkland Praise and Adoration 2 Pet 3:18
Whatever It Takes Joe Beck, Rick Cua, Billy Sprague 51 Springhill Worship Repentance and Commitment Jhn 2:17
When I Remember Kim Hill & Jeff Silvey 22 Kim Hill Life and Ministry Rom 3:24-25
Wonder, Worship, Believe Wendy Wills/Doug Bryson/David Dorn 85 N/A Praise and Adoration 2 Chr 29:30
Wrap Me In Your arms Michael Gungor/Daniel Grothe 64 Lisa Gungor Love, grace and mercy Isa 40:11
Yahweh Dustin Smith/Kyle Lee/Michael Farren 112 Dustin Smith Praise and Adoration Psa 24:7
You Are Glory Wes Willis/Kevin Huguley/Jason Ingram 73 Rush of Fools Praise and Adoration Rom 3:23
You Are God Chris Orr & Jason Britt 53 Chris Orr Band Praise and Adoration Psa 19:1
You Are Good Israel Houghton 31 Israel Houghton Faith and Trust Phil 2:10-11
You Are the One Lincoln Brewster & Paul Baloche 34 Lincoln Brewster Praise and Adoration Psa 119:73
Your Joy Andrae Harrison/Corey Bastib/Jonathan Stockstill 102 Deluge Praise and Adoration Nehemiah 8:10