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Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
A Million Suns Dean Ussher/Scott Ligertwood 108 Hillsong United Praise and Adoration Rev 22:16
A New Hallelujah Michael W Smith/Debbie Smith/Paul Baloche 73 Michael W Smith Praise and Adoration Psa 96:1
Adonai Lee Black, Steve Merkel and Paul Wilbur 50 Paul Wilbur Praise and Adoration Psa 69:30
Alive Leslie Jordan/David Leonard/Anthony Hoisington/Chris Hoisington 97 Brothers McClurg Renewal 1 Corinthians 15:2
Alive (from The Story) Nichole Nordeman/Bernie Herms 97 Natalie Grant Resurrection Luke 20:38
Alive, Forever, Amen Travis Cottrell, David Moffett and Sue C Smith 44 Brentwood-Benson Music Praise and Adoration Rev 5:12
All Creatures Of Our God And King Francis of Assisi/Music 17th Century German/Arr By Ronnie Freeman 72 Ronnie Freeman/Jamie Myers/Tommy Staggs Praise and Adoration Psa 148:7
All For You Mike Grayson/Sam Tinnesz/Jason Ingram/Matt Bronleewe 98 Mikeschair Praise and Adoration Rom 14:11
All Glory Matt Wandel/Bryon Bos/Jonathan Ahrens 91 Bryon Bos Praise and Adoration Psa 86:9
All I Have Tim Dobbelmann/Gabriel Brennan/Nate Brennan 70 Charlie Hines Love, grace and mercy Mat 4:19
All My Hope Jason Ingram/Reuben Morgan 106 Hillsong Live Hope and Assurance Psa 38:15
All My Life Libby & Wayne Huirua and Mark DeJong 24 Melissa Tawlks Praise and Adoration Rom 6:22
All Praise To God Billy Foote/Brian Kolkhorst 75 Billy &Cindy Foote Praise and Adoration 2 Corinthians 1:3
All the Earth Andrew Ulugia and Wayne Huirua 33 Parachute Band Praise and Adoration Isa 44:23
All Things New Carl Cartee/Ronnie Freeman/Jeromy Deibler/Jason Ingram 87 Nicol Sponberg Renewal 2 Corinthians 5:17
All Things New Andrew Peterson/Ben Shive/Andy Gullahorn 74 Andrew Peterson Renewal Isa 60:1
All Who Are Thirsty Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson 28 Nigel biggs Opening Isa 55:1
Almighty God Jason Ingram/Jon Thatcher/Paul Mabury/Stuart Garrard 101 One Sonic Society Praise and Adoration Ps a18:2
Amazing Jesse Shuster 69 Jesse Shuster Faith and trust Jhn 1:36
Amazing Savior Joe Beck/Chaz Bosarge 77 Echoes Around the World Salvation Psa 30:4
Angels From The Realms Of Glory Traditional, arranged by Steven Curtis Chapman 53 Steven Curtis Chapman Advent Mat 1:18
Angels We Have Heard On High James Chadwick, Edward Barnes & Dan Galbraith 53 The PraiseCharts Studio Band Praise and Adoration Luke 2:15
Arise Don Moen & Paul Baloche 44 Don Moen Opening Rev 17:14
Arms of Praise Phil Sillas and Natalie Grant 38 Maranatha!Music Praise and Adoration Psa 59:17
As It Is In Heaven Matt Maher/Ed Cash 68 Matt Maher Father Mat 6:9
At The Cross Benji Cowart/William R. Newell/Jenna Cowart/Matt Armstrong 102 Benji & Jenna Cowart Passion and Death Hebrews 12:2
Awake My Soul Martin Smith/Gareth Gilkeson/Chris Llewellyn/Chris Tomlin 109 Martin Smith Renewal Psa 57:8
Awaken My Heart Stephen Miller 78 Stephen Miller Renewal Dt 10:12
Be Lifted Up Robert Pierre/Matt Bronleewe/Jason Ingram 99 Robert Pierre Praise and Adoration Deut 32:3
Be Unto Your Name Lynn DeShazo & Gary Sadler 18 Robin Mark Praise and Adoration Rev 5:13
Beautiful King Chad Cates/Jonathan Lee/Matt Underwood 76 Jonathan Lee. Jesus Christ Hebrews 1:3
Beautiful Love BJ Putnam/Jennie Lee Riddle/Jordan Jones/Phil King 107 BJ Putnam Love, grace and mercy Psa 44:4
Beautiful Sacrifice Tammi Rhoton/Elizabeth Foster 83 Tammi Rhoton Trinity Psa 71:23
Beauty Pat Brown 53 Pat Brown Creation Isa 33:17
Because We Believe Jamie Harvill and Nancy Gordon 4 Nancy Gordon Faith and Trust Rev 4:11
Before The Throne Of God Charitie Lees Bancroft/Chris Orr 63 Matt Papa & Chris Orr Salvation Rev 7:10
Better Than Life Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff and Israel Houghton 41 Travis Cottrell Praise and Adoration Psa 63:3-4
Blessed Darlene Zschech & Reuben Morgan 44 Darlene Zschech Hope and Assurance Psa 41:2
Breath of Grace Scott Krippayne/Dave Wilson 73 Scott Krippayne Love, grace and mercy 2 Corinthians 9:8
By Faith Keith Getty/Kristyn Getty/Stuart Townend 82 Keith & Kristyn Getty Faith and trust 2 Corinthians 5:7
Captivate Us Charlie Hall, Nathan and Christy Nockels 46 Watermark & Charlie Hall Loyalty and Courage Hebrews12:2
Cast My Cares Tim Timmons/Alli Rogers 103 Tim Timmons Faith and Trust 1 Pete 5:7
Chains Fall Down Tony Sutherland 90 Tony Sutherland Redemption Psa 116:16
Changed Aaron Niequist 72 Aaron Niequist Love, grace and mercy 1 Corinthians 15:5
Children of God Mac Powell and Third Day 89 Third Day Fellowship of Believers Jhn 1:12
Christ Above Me John Chisum & George Searcy 16 John Chisum Praise and Adoration Col 3:1
Christ Is Able Tommy Walker/Mike Harland 104 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration Acts 20:32
Christ Is All Eric Bradley/Cami Bradley/Paul Brown/Josh Clare/David Lewellyn/Jenese Lewellyn/Nathan Lewellyn 110 Life Center Worship Faith and trust Col 3:1
Christ Is Risen Jeremy Riddle 75 Jeremy Riddle Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15:5
Come Expecting Jesus John Chisum & Nancy Gordon 1 John Chisum Lord's Supper Luke 22:19
Come Jesus Come Lynn DeShazo/Gary Sadler 55 Lynn DeShazo Opening 2 Chr 5:13
Come Lord Come Harmony Smith/Nigel Briggs 61 Vineyard UK Return Psa 22:18
Come Unto Me Jami Smith 38 Jami Smith Renewal Mat 11:28-29
Come Worship the Lord Douglas C Eltzroth 8 Douglas C. Eltzroth Opening 1 Chron 16:29
Desert Song Brooke Fraser 73 Hillsong Renewal 1 Pe 4:11
Do It Lord Tommy Walker/Dale Walker 68 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration Hebrews 1:3
Draw Me Nearer Tommy Walker, Fanny J Crosby & William H Doane 53 Tommy Walker Passion and Death Psa 73:28
Embrace The Cross Jeremy Horn 63 Jeremy Horn Passion and Death 1 Corinthians 1 :1
Encounter Ian White 18 Ian White Salvation Psa 40:17
Enter This Temple Leeland Dayton Mooring/Jack Anthony Mooring 67 Leeland Lord's Supper 1 Corinthians 3:16
Everything You Are Jaime Jamgochian/Hope Darst 101 Jaime Jamgochian Praise and Adoration Phil 4:19
Everything You Do Kenna West/Gina Boe/Carl Cartee 77 Carl Cartee Redemption Gen 28:17
Falling Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche 12 Maranatha Praise Love, grace and mercy Psa 31:23
Fill Me Now Michael Hansen/Christina Peppin 60 Cameron Dezen Hammon Holy Spirit Acts 4:31
Finished Adam Moritz/Ronnie Freeman/Trenton Mueller 94 Ronnie Freeman Salvation Phil 2:8
Fling Wide Misty Edwards/Brandon Hampton/Nathan Prior 85 Misty Edwards Prayer and Guidance Psa 23
For I Know Rick Muchow 15 Hope and Assurance Jer 29:11
For the Lord is Good Lynn DeShazo & Gary Sadler 11 Hosanna Music Praise and Adoration Psa 106
For Who You Are Israel Houghton/Ricardo Sanchez 78 Ricardo Sanchez Praise and Adoration Hebrews 2:12
Forever Reign Reuben Morgan/Jason Ingram 84 One Sonic Society Love, grace and mercy Titus 3:5
Given to Your Name Travis Ryan/Caleb Clements/Steve Wiggins/Hanz Ives 73 Travis Ryan Praise and Adoration Jude 1:25
Giving It All Michael Gungor/Lisa Gungor 65 Michael Gungor Band Faith and Trust Eph 5:19-21
Gloria Todd Agnew/Chris Collins/Henry Francis Lyte 82 Todd Agnew Praise and Adoration 1 Pe 1:3
Gloria Emmanuel Gary Sadler and Steven V Taylor 47 Brentwood-Benson Praise and Adoration Isa 7:14
Glorious Josiah Warneking/Pete Kipley 103 Sixteen Cities Praise and Adoration 1 Chron 29:13
Glorious Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown 81 Paul Baloche Resurrection Mat 28:7
Glorious One Toby Walters 58 Adam Watts Creation Psa 66:4
Glory to Christ Daniel S Cummings/Sharon Gentry 76 Discovery House. Love, grace and mercy Rom 8:39
Glory To Your Name Carl Cartee/David Moffitt 105 Carl Cartee Praise and Adoration 1 Chron 16:29
Glory, Hallelujah Mickeal and Leigh-Ann McCool 47 Mickeal McCool Praise and Adoration Rev 5:12
God Is Able Ben Fielding/Reuben Morgan 94 Hillsong LIVE Praise and Adoration Rom 11:36
God is Our Refuge Words by Peter Gagnon, music by Joel Sczebel 74 Sovereign Grace Music Hope and assurance Psa 46:1
God Of Brilliant Lights Scott Cash/Ed Cash/Aaron Shust 111 Aaron Shust Praise and Adoration Rev 22:5
God Of The Impossible Seth Condrey/Phillip LaRue/Bryan Brown 112 Seth Condrey Praise and Adoration Matt 19:16
God of this City AMcCann/BAaron/IJordan/PComfort/PKernaghan/RBleaklet 76 Blue Tree. National Col 1:16
God Will Lift Up Your Head Words Traditional by Paul Gerhardt, Trans John Wesley, alt by Jars of Clay & music by Jars of Clay 50 Jars of Clay Hope and Assurance 1 Jhn 1:7
God With Us Chris Woods/Andrew Heath/Christen Heath/Benjamin Thomas/Alex Donaghy/Chad Ford 87 Andrew Heath Band Salvation Rom 5:8
Grace Like Rain Todd Agnew and C Collins 34 Todd Agnew Love, grace and mercy Jhn 9:25
Grace That Is Greater Words by Julie H Johnson, music by Daniel B Towner Arranged by Bart Millard/Brown Bannister 74 Bart Millard Love, grace and mercy Acts 11:23
Greater Still Mark Warren/Joel Warren 77 Awaken Praise and Adoration Pro 10:2
Greater Than Life JR Carmichael/Chris Morgan 110 12Stone Worship Praise and adoration 2 Tim 1:10
Hallelujah Chris Peevy/Shannon Cochran/Scotty Wilbanks/Pete Kipley 59 Echoing Angels Praise and Adoration Rev 19:6-7
Hallelujah Robbie Seay, Taylor Johnson, Ryan Owens and Dan Hamilton 48 Robbie Seay Band Praise and Adoration Luke 21:31
Hallelujah, God Is Near Matthew WJ Chapman, Jonathan Scarlet, Cain Coulton and Adrian Robertson 48 Detour 180 Loyalty and Courage Rev 19:6
Hallelujahs Chris Rice 12 Chris Rice Creation Psa 150
He Reigns (The Medley) Words and music by Rich Mullins and Kirk Franklin 39 Kirk Franklin Ascension and Reign Rev 19:6
He Will Come and Save You Bob Fitts and Gary Sadler 1 Bob Fitts Salvation Isa 33:22
Healing Rain Michael W Smith, Martin Smith and Matt Brownlee 46 Michael W Smith Renewal Luke 9:11
Hear The Call Of The Kingdom Keith & Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend 62 Keith and Kryistyn Getty Opening Mat 6:33
Heaven On Earth David Binion/John Brockman/Joshua Dufrene 106 Covenant Worship Heaven and Eternity Matt 6:10
Here I Am Paul Oakley 9 Paul Oakley Salvation John 15:13
Highest Praise Sean Hill/Wisdom Moon 100 Sean Hill Praise and Adoration Psa 63:3
Holy Is the Lord Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio 42 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Isa 6:3
Holy Spirit Jason Harrison & Darren Sasser 22 Among Thorns Holy Spirit Rom 8:9-11
Holy Spirit, Breathe On Me Jeff Nelson & Eddie Smith 16 Mark Condon Holy Spirit John 14:26
Holy, Holy Nathan Fellingham 21 Phatfish Praise and Adoration Psa 150
Hope Has Come Cameron Walker/Michael Gungor 103 Cameron Walker Hope and Assurance 1 Peter 1:3
Hope of Glory Chris Clayton/John Sherrill 84 Chris Clayton Passion and Death Gal 2:20
Hosanna Kirk Franklin 40 Kirk Franklin Salvation Mat 12:10
How Beautiful The Cross Matt Seagle/Toby Holloman/Lucas Budde/Eddie Kirkland 86 Living Anthem Hope and Assurance Mrk 15
How Great Is The Love Meredith Andrews/Jacob Scooter/Paul Baloche 85 Meredith Andrews Love, grace and mercy Psa 108:4
How Great Is Your Love Bart Millard & Pete Kipley 31 Mercy Me Love, grace and mercy Psa 104:1
How He Loves John Mark McMillan 87 John Mark McMillan Redemption Jhn 15:9
I Adore Reuben Morgan 33 Hillsongs Australia Praise and Adoration Song of Songs 1:4
I Believe In You Joel Engle/David Parker 62 Joel Engle Repentance and Commitment Exodos 34:6
I Know That My Redeemer Lives Charles Wesley/Chris Eaton/John Hartley 93 Tim Hughes Faith and Trust Job 19:25
I Need Thee (Hear My Cry) Public Domain/Tommy Walker/Charles Billingsley 81 Charles Billingsley Faith and Trust Psa 61:1-3
I Need Thee/I Surrender All Medley Annie S. Hawks/Robert Lowry/Judson W. Van de Venter/Winfield S. Weeden/Paul Stephens 97 Paul Stephens & Linda McCrary Loyalty and Courage Luke 14:33
I Need You Jonathan Stockstill/Andrae Harrison 68 Jonathan Stockstill Loyalty and Courage Amos 5:4
I Run Mark Warren, Joel Warren and Drue Phillips 24 Forty Days Love, grace and mercy Psa 18:3
I Will Not Be Shaken Tommy Walker/Jacob Park 82 Tommy Walker Faith and trust Psa 18:1-6
I Will Search Israel Houghton/Meleasa Houghton 65 Israel and New Breed Love, grace and mercy 1 Chr 28:9
I Will Sing Matt Boswell/Michael Weaver 72 Matt Boswell Praise and Adoration Psa 108:1
In Jesus Name Jason Ingram/Stuart Garrard/Jon Thatcher/Paul Mabury 90 One Sonic Society Hope and Assurance Psa 9:10
In You Michael Boggs/Dave Hunt 90 Michael Boggs Love, grace and mercy Mat 11:28
Indescribable Laura Story 55 Laura Story Creation Rom 1:20
It Is Finished Matt Papa/Jennie Lee Riddle 97 Matt Papa Passion and Death Jhn 19:30
It's All For You Tony Guerrero/Gannin Arnold/Jim Goodwin 67 John Stearns Loyalty and Courage 2 Corinthians 9:8
Jesus Come Calvin Nowell/Evan Wickham 70 Calvin Nowell Praise and Adoration Isa 61:10
Jesus I Am Resting, Resting David Hampton/Jean Sophia Pigott 70 Jill Paquette Renewal Psa 132:14
Jesus I Believe You John Willison 24 Seth Anderson Faith and Trust 2 Corinthians 5:21
Jesus Messiah Chris Tomlin/Daniel Carson/Ed Cash/Jesse Reeves 72 Chris Tomlin Praise and Adoration Psa 103:21-22
Jesus, Hail the Lamb John Hartley & Gary Sadler 19 Margaret Becker Resurrection Rev 5:12
Jesus, Lover of My Soul Becky Fender & Lindell Cooley 6 Lindell Cooley Praise and Adoration Psa 40:2
Jesus, Precious Jesus Travis Ryan/David Leonard/Leslie Jordan 99 Travis Ryan Praise and Adoration Acts 17:3
Joyfully Kari Jobe/Ed Cash/Mia Fieldes 77 Kari Jobe Love, grace and mercy Psa 33:1
Just As I Am Charlotte Elliott, Bobby Guy & Craig Brown 17 Kim Hill Faith and Trust Jhn 6:37
King of Glory Josh Bates, Chad Cates & Michael Boggs 53 Josh Bates Praise and Adoration Psa 24:9
King Of Peace George Romancce/Steve Cook/John Ripley/Stephen Morgan 88 Generation Letter Loyalty and Courage Mrk 4:35-41
King Of Wonders Paul Baloche/Steven Curtis Chapman/Stuart Garrard/Israel Houghton/Tim Hughes/Graham Kendrick/Andy Park/Matt Redman/Martin Smith/Michael W Smith/Chris Tomlin/Darlene Zschech 75 Matt Redman/Tim Hughes/Joel Houston Creation Hebrews 4:13
Kingdom Come Nicole C Mullen 93 Nicole C Mullen Return Matt 6:10
Laying Down Our Crowns Regi Stone/Christy Sutherland 81 Regi Stone Service and Stewardship Rom 6:13
Lead You to the Cross Joe Beck/Chaz Bosarge/Billy Sprague 79 No Other Name Evangelism and missions Mat 5:16
Let It Rise Holland Davis, William Murphy Project 53 William Murphy Project Praise and Adoration Exodos 24:17
Let It Shine David Leonard/Leslie Jordan 96 All Sons & Daughters Evangelism and missions Mat 13:43
Let The Church Rise Israel Houghton/Jonathan Stockstill 59 Jonathan Stockstill Evangelism and Missions Isa 61:3
Like An Avalanche Dylan Thomas/Joel Houston 92 Hillsong United Love, grace and mercy 1 Tim 1:14
Love Is Here Mike Donehey/Jason Jamison/Philip LaRue/Jason Ingram/Drew Middleton 69 Tenth Avenue North Love, grace and mercy Jhn 4:10
Love Lifted Me Philip Nathan Thompson/Zenzo Matoga 108 Ashmont Hill Love, grace and mercy 1 Jhn 4:9
Magnificent Matt Redman/Jonas Myrin 96 Matt Redman Praise and Adoration Rev 15:4
Man Of Sorrows Brooke Ligertwood/Matt Crocker 111 Hillsong LIVE Passion and Death Isaiah 53:3
Man of Sorrows Original Text by Phillip Bliss/Music & Alternate Words by David Potter 93 David Potter Passion and Death Isa 53:3
Meet With Me Words and Music by Lamont Hiebert 35 Maranatha!Music Faith and Trust Rev 3:20
Meet With Me Ben & Robin Pasley 20 Paul Baloche Faith and Trust Mat 26:70-75
Mighty Fortress Matt Maher/Mia Fields/Paul Moak 109 Matt Maher Praise and Adoration Psa 95:1
Mighty Fortress Kurt Felsman/Gabe Johannes 103 Sevenglory Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:2
Mighty Is Our God Ed Cash/Jason Ingram/Patrick Ryan Clark 93 Patrick Ryan Clark Praise and Adoration Psa 89:8
Mighty Redeemer Jonathan Allen/Mia Fieldes/Rick Cua 102 Grace Chapel Worship Praise and Adoration Isa 61:1
Mighty To Save Ben Fielding/Reuben Morgan 66 Laura Story Redemption Acts 26:18
More Than Anything Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong 50 SonicFlood Loyalty and Courage Psa 10:17
More Than Enough Martha Munizzi/Israel Houghton/Aaron Lindsey 71 Martha Munizzi Praise and Adoration 2 Corinthians 9:8
More Than Songs Stephen Miller/Will Colbert 99 Stephen Miller Service and Stewardship Jam 2:14
Mountaintop Elias Dummer/Eric Fusilier/Aaron Powell/Joshua Vanderlaan 98 The City Harmonic Fellowship of Believers Ex 19:20
Move Me Again Scott Faircloff & Michael Merritt 37 Maranatha!Music Renewal Isa 45:3
Moving Forward Israel Houghton/Ricardo Sanchez 76 Israel Houghton. Renewal Rom 12:2
My Defense Ryan Axtell 111 Ryan Axtell Salvation Romans 3:25
My Jesus I Love Thee William R Featherstone/Adoniram JGordon/Arr By Lamar Stockton 70 The Resonate Band Love, grace and mercy Isa 55:7
My Savior Lord Richie Fike/Sean Mulholland 96 Fike & Dana Renewal Psa 44:1
No Not One Brandon Heath/Christy Nockels 73 Brandon Heath Faith and Trust Rom 3:10
No One Higher Steve Fee/Heath Balltzglier/Seth Condrey 103 Seth Condrey Praise and Adoration John 10:29
No One Like You David Crowder, Jack Parker, Mike Dodson, Jason Solley, Mike Hogan & Jeremy Bush 43 David Crowder Band Praise and Adoration Hebrews 13:8
Nothing Chris Joyner 50 Chris Joyner Salvation Rom 8:38-39
O Come All Ye Faithful Words & music by John F Wade/Public Domain Arrangement and new lyrics by Kim Hill, Jamie Kenney and Chris Graffagnino 47 Kim Hill Praise and Adoration Psa 30:4
O Lamb of God Tony Guerrero 79 Scott Reed Redemption Eph 1:7
Ode 15 John Andrew Schreiner/Odes Of Solomon, adapted by Eddy Duhan 64 Cathy Schreiner Praise and Adoration Psa 129
Oh My Strength Marie Barnett 31 Marie Barnett Salvation Psa 29:11
Oh Our Lord Leslie Jordan/David Leonard/Paul Baloche 99 All Sons & Daughters Praise and Adoration Psa 8:9
One True God Don Poythress/Jennie Lee Riddle/Tony Wood 95 Newsong Praise and Adoration Jhn 17:3
Only You Can Satisfy Caleb Clements/Todd Proctor 83 Caleb Clements Renewal Isa 55:2
Open Hands Matt Papa/James Tealy 79 Matt Papa Service and Stewardship Mat 25:40
Open Up Our Eyes Chris Brown/London Gatch/Mack Brock/Stuart Garrard/Wade Joye 107 Elevation Church Praise and Adoration Psa 136:1
Our God Saves Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown 64 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Psa 68:20
Our Great God Mac Powell/Juan F Orta 64 Todd Agnew Praise and Adoration Titus 2:13-14
Our Messiah Reigns Glenn Packiam/Ian Eskelin 93 Glenn Packiam Praise and Adoration Rev 11:15
Out Of Ashes Paul Marino/Greg Nelson/Jeremy Johnson 66 Travis Cottrell Redemption 1 Kings 13:3
Praise Him Matt Crocker/Nathan Finochio 103 Theroyalroyal Praise and Adoration Psa 150:4
Praise Him Mickeal & Leigh-Ann McCool 52 Mickeal McCool Praise and Adoration 1 Chr 16:9
Praise To The Lord, the Almighty German Hymn, Joachim Neander,1650-1680; tr Catherine Winkworth,1827-1878, alt Stralsund Gesangbuch, 1665 harm W Sterndale Bennett, 1816-1875 Arr By Paul Mills 68 Lifeway Worship Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:50
Prepare a Place Christine Dente and Michael W Smith 47 Christine Dente and Michael W Smith Return Jms 5:7
Psalm 23 Caleb Miller 57 Caleb Miller Renewal Psa 23
Ready Mac Powell/Third Day 69 Third Day Salvation Mat 18:3
Refuge Adapted from 'Psalm 31, Part 1' by Isaac Watts Written by Neil Robins 83 Sojourn Hope and assurance 2 Sam 22:3
Reign Joe Sabolick 41 Joe Sabolick Ascension and Reign Exodos 15:18
Rejoice The Lord Is King Charles Wesley/John Darwall/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration Psa 35:9
Rescue Jared Anderson 41 Desperation Salvation Acts 4:12
Resound Kellen Mills/Karla Mills/Jon Ketchum/Bryan Lemus 100 {l.a.}godMusic feat. Kellen Mills Praise and Adoration Psa 96:11
Rest In The Light Anna Gilbert/Wilson Parks 105 Anna Gilbert Advent Romans 5:8
Rest In You Mia Fieldes 50 Hillsong Church Renewal Mat 11:23
Revival Jeremiah Carlson 95 The Neverclaim Renewal Psa 80:18
Revive Us Again William P Mackay/John J Husband/Arr by David Cleveland 73 LifeWay Worship Repentance and Commitment Psa 85:6
Revive Us Again Arr By Michael Weaver 72 Big Daddy Weave Renewal Hos 6:2
Rise Up Rita Springer 43 Rita Springer Faith and Trust Isa 54:17
Risen King/Messiah Come Medly John Chisum and Kirk & Deby Dearsman and Nancy Gordon 19 John Chisum Resurrection Luke 2:1-20
Savior's Here Kari Jobe/Cody Carnes 99 Kari Jobe Praise and Adoration Jhn 3:17
Sent By the Father Ray Boltz & Steve Millikan 5 Ray Boltz & Steve Millikan Advent Phil 2:10-11
Shelter Dan Haseltine/Charlie Lowell/Stephen Mason/Matt Odmark 90 Jars of Clay Resurrection Psa 27:5
Shine In Me Caleb Clements 62 Caleb Clements Redemption Dt 3:24
Sing Allelu (Ode 40) Lyrical Adaptation and music by John Andrew Schreiner 71 Fernando Ortega Love, grace and mercy Psa 111:9
Sing Joy Lisa Lopez and Glenn Wagner 22 Lisa Lopez and Audrey Acuna Praise and Adoration Hab 3:18
Sky And Sea Lorraine Morrison 23 Lorraine Morrison Creation Rom 8:19-22
Song of Glory Calvin Nowell/Tony Sutherland 73 Ashmont Hill Praise and Adoration 1 Chr 16:36
Song of Love Rebecca St James, Matt Bronleewe and Jeremy Ash 45 Rebecca St James Love, grace and mercy Psa 116:6
Song Of Moses Chris Moeman/Aaron Keyes/Graham Kendrick/Ben Smith/Pat Barrett 95 Aaron Keyes Praise and Adoration Exod 15:2
Standing William McDowell/David Binion/Josh Dufrene 99 William McDowell Prayer and Guidance Jhn 11:40
Starry Night Chris Megert/Ed Cash 86 Chris August Salvation Isa 44:7
Still Reuben Morgan 41 Hillsongs Church Faith and Trust Psa 46:10
Sun & Shield Glenn Packiam/Shannon Alford/Sion Alford 98 Gateway Worship Featuring Matt Birkenfield Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:3
Sweep Me Away Michael Neagle 51 Monk and Neagle Renewal Job 6:8-10
Take My Life Frances Havergal/arr & new lyrics by Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio 41 Chris Tomlin Repentance and Commitment Rom 12:1
Thank You Jeff Searles and Daniel Whittington 36 Everyone Praise and Adoration Col 1:20
Thank You Mark K Johnson & Bruce Balgaard 7 Church of the Open Door's Worship Team Praise and Adoration 2 Sam 22:50
Thank You Jesus Gail Bonine and Todd Dunnigan 50 Gail Bonine and God's Kids Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 15:5
The Church Chris Brown/ Mack Brock 98 Elevation Worship Evangelism and Missions Matt 28:19
The Day Of The Lord Joe Romeo 92 Jud Field Return 2 Pete 2:12-13
The Greatness of Our God Jason Ingram/Reuben Morgan/Stu Garrard 83 Natalie Grant Testimony Mat 12:1-8
The Lamb Who Was Slain Sal Oliveri and Jeff Nelson 13 Various Passion and Death John 1:29
The Lord Reigns Matthew P Barnett/Dwayne Patterson 102 Matthew P Barnett Praise and Adoration Ex 15:18
The Lost Are Found Ben Fielding/Sam Knock 95 Hillsong Live Ascension and Reign Isa 29:18
The Mystery of Faith Glenn Packiam/Jennie Lee Riddle 108 Glenn Packiam Salvation Hebrews 9:15
The Same Love Paul Baloche/Michael Rossback 100 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Rom 5:8
The Spirit And The Bride Robbie Seay/Leeland Mooring/Matt Maher 97 Matt Maher Return Rev 22:17
The Universe Bows Chris Crow/Trad Words by Reginald Heber,1826 71 VMusic Praise and Adoration Eph 4:10
The Word Of God Has Spoken Travis Cottrell/David Moffitt/Jonathan Lee 97 Travis Cottrell Salvation Jhn 1:1
These Thousand Hills Steve Atwell, Mark Blackburn, Jerry Davidson 23 Third Day Creation Psa 50
This I Know Daniel Grothe/Jon Egan 101 Desperation Band Praise and Adoration Psa 95:3
This Is My Father's World Franklin Lawrence Sheppard/Maltbie Davenport Babcock/Arrangement and New Material by Tommy Walker 104 Benjamin Jones Foundation and Nature Luke 12:32
Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus Louisa MR Stead/William J Kirkpatrick/Arr By David Cleveland 72 LifeWay Worship Faith and trust Mat 11:28
To You O Lord Graham Kendrick & Matt Redman 39 Graham Kendrick Praise and Adoration Psa 25:1-7
Uncreated One Andrew Meek/Chris Martin/Jonathan Lewis 105 Christ For The Nations Praise and Adoration Haggai 2:7
Undone Bart Millard, Nathan Cochran, Mike Scheuchzer, Jim Bryson, Robby Shaffer, Barry Graul and Peter Kipley 45 MercyMe Repentance and Commitment Psa 116:6
Undying Love Shay Mooney/David Santistevan 107 Allison Park Worship Love, grace and mercy 1 Jhn 4:9
Unfailing Love Chris Tomlin, Cary Pierce and Ed Cash 47 Chris Tomlin Love, grace and mercy Psa 6:4
Unrestrained Calvin Nowell/Tony Sutherland 60 Calvin Nowell Praise and Adoration Pro 4:23
Vast Jeffery Smith 47 Frail Love, grace and mercy Psa 36:5
Victor's Crown Darlene Zschech/Israel Houghton/Kari Jobe 108 Darlene Zschech Praise and Adoration Rev 2:10
Victorious Jordan Abina/Nathan Parrish/Sean Aspenlind/Chase Merrell 110 Kingdom Ascension and reign Rev 19:6
Waiting Here For You Jesse Reeves/Chris Tomlin/Martin Smith 92 Christy Nockels Faith and trust Psa 130:6
Water Mark Rivera and Eddie Arizmendez 30 Inland Vineyard Praise and Adoration Psa 51:1
Water Sean Hall, Matt Brouwer & Jill Paquette 27 Matt Brouwer Praise and Adoration Jhn 4:10
We Are All One Dave Bankhead 13 Various Fellowship of believers 1 Corinthians 12:1
We Are One Mary Kat Conolley 96 Harbour Live Hope and assurance Jhn 10:28
We Are One Lonnie Wilson/Dave Robbins 65 Donna Kay Fellowship of believers Col 3:14
We Are the Body of Christ Scott Wesley Brown and David Hampton 12 Scott Wesley Brown Fellowship of believers Rom 12:5
We Will Rise Brady Toops/Kip Fox 112 Kip Fox Resurrection Romans 6:4
We've A Story To Tell The Nations H. Ernest Nichol/New Melodies/Arrangement by Vicksburg 92 Vicksburg Evangelism and missions Mat 24:14
Welcome In This Place Scott Reed/Shawn Craig 63 Scott Reed Praise and Adoration 1 Chr 16:35
Were You There? Traditional (Arr By Travis Ryan) 90 Travis Ryan Resurrection Mrk 15:25
Worth It All Ben Cantelon/Benji Cowart/Jason Ingram/Jonathan Smith 107 Ben Cantelon Faith and Trust Luke 9:57
Yet You Are Holy Brett Williams/Jesse Butterworth/Jesse Meaney 80 Brett Williams Faith and trust Psa 22:2-3
You Alone Libby Huirua and Wayne Huirua 15 Parachute Band Praise and Adoration Luke 8:24
You Alone Can Rescue Matt Redman/Jonas Myrin 81 Matt Redman Salvation Psa 86:13
You Are My Rock Joel Auge, Joel Wilson, Curtis Nahwegabow and Brad toews 28 Capstone Praise and Adoration Psa 18:2
You Found Me Jeremy Sorensen/Kimberly Sorensen 106 Kimberly Sorenson Salvation Psa 116:6
You Have Won Me Brian Johnson/Jeremy Riddle/Joel Taylor 105 Bethel Live featuring Brian Johnson Love, grace and mercy Isaiah 1:18
You Hold Me Now Reuben Morgan/Matt Crocker 78 Hillsong United Salvation Rev 21:4
You Hold My World Israel Houghton/Aaron Lindsey/Tommy Sims 88 Israel Houghton Hope and Assurance Mat 6:25-27
You Will Find Me Andrew Ripp/Ben Rector/Steve Moakler 91 Andrew Ripp Redemption Isa 40:29
You'll Come Brooke Fraser 70 Hillsong United Renewal Isa 58:8
Your Kingdom Reigns Jason Ingram/Meredith Andrews/Paul Mabury 105 Meredith Andrews Praise and Adoration Psa 23:4
Your Love For Me Don Harris and Gary Sadler 23 Don Harris Love, grace and mercy Psa 63:3
Your Love Is Life To Me Tony Wood & Jeromy Delbler 21 FFH Praise and Adoration Dt 8:3
Your Name John Driver/Rick Altizer 83 Rick Altizer Redemption Jhn 17
Your Name Paul Baloche/Glenn Packiam 59 Phillips,Craig and Dean Praise and Adoration Pro 18:10