Volume 112
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 Yahweh Dustin Smith/Kyle Lee/Michael Farren Dustin Smith Praise and Adoration Psa 24:7
2 We Will Rise Brady Toops/Kip Fox Kip Fox Resurrection Romans 6:4
3 Overflow Mia Lazar/Bethany Ufema/Berchman Paul Jr. Lifepoint Worship Love, grace and mercy Romans 15:13
4 Captured Mark Waldrop/Mike Dodson/Jeremy Bush/Jack Parker The Digital Age Love, grace and mercy Colossians 1:13
7 That's Why I Believe Amanda Singer CBC Faith and Trust John 3:16
8 Credo (I Believe) Vinnie Zarletti N.L.C. Faith and Trust Isa 6:3
9 God Of The Impossible Seth Condrey/Phillip LaRue/Bryan Brown Seth Condrey Praise and Adoration Matt 19:16
12 All That I Am Alanna Rodgers/Andrew Massey/Andy Judd/Greg Cooper/Richard Fenton/Stephanie Vanden Hengel/Trent Prees Garage Hymnal Renewal John 15:4