Volume 15
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
2 Jump In Stephen Swanson Renewal Rev 22:1
3 You Alone Libby Huirua and Wayne Huirua Parachute Band Praise and Adoration Luke 8:24
4 For I Know Rick Muchow Hope and Assurance Jer 29:11
6 Worship Is Everything We Are Ken Bryars & Dave Williamson Praise and Adoration Hebrews 13:15
7 Beautiful Saviour Stuart Townend Testimony Isa 9:6
8 Immanuel Dan Smith Praise and Adoration Isa 7:14
9 Your Love is Extravagant Darrell Evans Love, grace and mercy 2 Corinthians 2:15
10 Simple Prayer Terry Butler Prayer and Guidance Psa 51:7