Volume 27
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 Water Sean Hall, Matt Brouwer & Jill Paquette Matt Brouwer Praise and Adoration Jhn 4:10
3 Fuel Tom Wuest Todd Warren Faith and Trust Psa 118:81
4 Carry Me Judie Lawson & Kate Miner Kate Miner Praise and Adoration Psa 145:3
7 Jesus My Lord, My God, My All Brett Williams, Henry Collins & Billy Batstone Brett Williams Praise and Adoration Psa 4:1-3
8 Fairest Lord Jesus Munster Gesangbuch, arr Arlie Whitlow III Community Church of Sterling, VA Praise and Adoration Psa 45:2
10 Your Grace Still Amazes Me Shawn Craig and Connie Harrington Philips, Craig & Dean Love, grace and mercy Luke 1:78
11 Draw Me Close Kelly Carpenter The Katinas Faith and Trust Jer 30:21