Volume 39
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 To You O Lord Graham Kendrick & Matt Redman Graham Kendrick Praise and Adoration Psa 25:1-7
3 Be Near Shane Barnard Shane and Shane Hope and Assurance Mat 28:20
6 He Reigns (The Medley) Words and music by Rich Mullins and Kirk Franklin Kirk Franklin Ascension and Reign Rev 19:6
7 Open Up the Sky Lindell Cooley and Lenny LeBlanc Lindell Cooley Prayer and Guidance Isa 40:5-6
9 I Love You Lord Sandtown & Israel Houghton Alvin Richardson Love, grace and mercy Psa 26:8
10 Silent Song Pat Brown Worship Band Pat Brown Praise and Adoration Hebrews 4:14
12 With You Jeffery David Jeffery David Praise and Adoration Hebrews 7:24