Volume 70
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 Jesus Come Calvin Nowell/Evan Wickham Calvin Nowell Praise and Adoration Isa 61:10
2 Jesus I Am Resting, Resting David Hampton/Jean Sophia Pigott Jill Paquette Renewal Psa 132:14
3 Sing Your Praise Scott Keller/Sheri Carr Sheri Carr Praise and Adoration Acts 4:24
6 You'll Come Brooke Fraser Hillsong United Renewal Isa 58:8
7 All I Have Tim Dobbelmann/Gabriel Brennan/Nate Brennan Charlie Hines Love, grace and mercy Mat 4:19
10 O Heart Bereaved And Lonely Fanny Crosby/Christopher Miner Indelible Grace Music Faith and Trust Psa 34:8
11 The Lion And The Lamb Carl Cartee/Ronnie Freeman/Tony Wood Carl Cartee Praise and Adoration Jhn 1:29
12 My Jesus I Love Thee William R Featherstone/Adoniram JGordon/Arr By Lamar Stockton The Resonate Band Love, grace and mercy Isa 55:7
13 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Words by Henry van Dyke/Music by Ludwig van Beethoven/Arr By Jeremy Johnson LifeWay Worship Praise and Adoration Psa 100:2