Volume 74
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 All Things New Andrew Peterson/Ben Shive/Andy Gullahorn Andrew Peterson Renewal Isa 60:1
2 Pass It On Tommy Walker Tommy Walker Praise and Adoration 1 Corinthians 11:1
3 Grace That Is Greater Words by Julie H Johnson, music by Daniel B Towner Arranged by Bart Millard/Brown Bannister Bart Millard Love, grace and mercy Acts 11:23
5 Broken And Beautiful Brian Doerksen/Josh Fox Brian Doerksen Passion and Death Mat 26:27
7 Arise John Larson/Daniel Bashta John Larson Praise and Adoration Psa 9:19
9 Do It Dottie Peoples Dottie Peoples Faith and Trust Psa 30:2
11 Mi Salvador, Mi Dios (My Savior, My God) Aaron Shust/Dorothy Dora Greenwell(Spanish Translation by Josh Lopez/Martha Lopez/Juan Carlos Rendon) Josh Lopez Salvation 2 Sam 22:3
12 God is Our Refuge Words by Peter Gagnon, music by Joel Sczebel Sovereign Grace Music Hope and assurance Psa 46:1