Volume 79
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 Jesus Saves Tim Hughes/Nick Herbert Tim Hughes Salvation Psa 96:2
3 Open Hands Matt Papa/James Tealy Matt Papa Service and Stewardship Mat 25:40
4 The Door Leeland Dayton Mooring/Jack Anthony Mooring/Steve Wilson/William Jacob Holtz Leeland Faith and trust Jhn 14:6
6 A Mighty Fortress Christy Nockels/Nathan Nockels Christy Nockels Hope and assurance Psa 18:2
7 To the King Travis Cottrell/Angela Cottrell Travis Cottrell Praise and Adoration Psa 47:7
8 New Day Andy Park Andy Park Renewal Isa 42:10
10 Nothing Can Separate Us Dave Hunt/Michael Boggs Dave Hunt Love, grace and mercy Rom 8:39
11 O Lamb of God Tony Guerrero Scott Reed Redemption Eph 1:7
12 God Is Moving Jon Abel/Chad Cates/Lee Black Jon Abel Ascension and reign Mat 6:9-10
14 You Are My God Luke Sheets/Jason Ingram Nicol Sponberg Love, grace and mercy Psa 40:2
15 Lead You to the Cross Joe Beck/Chaz Bosarge/Billy Sprague No Other Name Evangelism and missions Mat 5:16