Volume 88
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 Amen Sean Keith/Dave Lubben Sean Keith Salvation Rev 7:10
2 You Hold My World Israel Houghton/Aaron Lindsey/Tommy Sims Israel Houghton Hope and Assurance Mat 6:25-27
4 We Cry Out Jeremy Camp/Brenton Brown Jeremy Camp Service and Stewardship Psa 34:17
7 Welcome Home Michael W Smith/Michael Farren/Kyle Lee Michael W. Smith Heaven and Eternity Psa 139
8 Crown Him With Many Crowns Text is Mathew Bridges/Music George J Elvey/Arranged by Ryan Foglesong The Enfield Hymn Sessions Praise and Adoration Rev 19:12
9 We Remember Jennifer Barnett Marie Barnett Lord's Supper Luke 22:7-20
10 King Of Peace George Romancce/Steve Cook/John Ripley/Stephen Morgan Generation Letter Loyalty and Courage Mrk 4:35-41
11 Christ Is Able To Save Mike Harland/Tommy Walker LifeWay Worship Hope and Assurance Eph 2:5