Volume 95
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
1 We Sing Elizabeth Hunnicutt Elizabeth Hunnicutt Praise and Adoration Psa 21:13
2 Be Thou My Passion David Ravenhill/Gabriel Allred Christ For The Nations Praise and Adoration Rev 6:9
3 The Lost Are Found Ben Fielding/Sam Knock Hillsong Live Ascension and Reign Isa 29:18
4 Set Free Andy Moceri/Greg Reade/James Boykin/Russell Allen The Ascent Love, grace and mercy Rom 8:2
5 Song Of Moses Chris Moeman/Aaron Keyes/Graham Kendrick/Ben Smith/Pat Barrett Aaron Keyes Praise and Adoration Exod 15:2
6 Revival Jeremiah Carlson The Neverclaim Renewal Psa 80:18
7 One True God Don Poythress/Jennie Lee Riddle/Tony Wood Newsong Praise and Adoration Jhn 17:3
9 You Are My Shepherd Jennie Lee Riddle/Jonathan McElhenny Lee Tricia Brock Loyalty and Courage Psa 23
10 I Am Trusting You Frances Ridley Havergal and Ethelbert .Bullinger; Additional Chorus by Katie Kapteyn DeGraff Faith Church Worship Faith and Trust Prov 3:5
12 Just As I Am Charlotte Elliott/William Batchelder Bradbury Additional Music and Lyrics by Shaun Groves Shaun Groves Repentance and Commitment Matt 11:28-30