Volume 96
Track Song Title Songwriter(s) Artist Theme Scripture
2 Magnificent Matt Redman/Jonas Myrin Matt Redman Praise and Adoration Rev 15:4
3 My Savior Lord Richie Fike/Sean Mulholland Fike & Dana Renewal Psa 44:1
4 Let It Shine David Leonard/Leslie Jordan All Sons & Daughters Evangelism and missions Mat 13:43
5 I Wonder Leeland Mooring Leeland Praise and Adoration Psa 65:8
6 Run C. Heath/A. Heath/C. Woods/B. Thomas/A. Donaghy/A. Bowsher/C. Ford Andrew Heath Band Loyalty and courage Rom 8:39
9 Hope is Born Andrew James Kirk/Lionel Cartwright Andy Kirk Advent Luke 2:14
12 We Are One Mary Kat Conolley Harbour Live Hope and assurance Jhn 10:28