Singalong 2

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Phil Wickham
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Only a worship leader who securely knows his place in the large-scale community of worshipers could create a live worship album where the crowd’s voices are as prominent as the worshiper on stage. Phil Wickham is such a worship leader. With a number of albums to his credit, his first live album, Singalong (2008), was especially popular and well-received.  It is no surprise, then, that Singalong 2, recorded in Costs Mesa, California, on Friday, March 30, 2012, has made its debut just a few short months after recording and was available for free download for one short month with the intention of encouraging support for Compassion International.  This album of music for congregational singing is a blend of alternative acoustic worship songs from Wickham’s two most recent albums (Response and Heaven & Earth) and a few masterfully remade ancient hymns.  This worship experience is composed of a man, his guitar, and an engaged crowd of people singing praises to God.  Wickham’s musical talent, his strong and versatile guitar playing, and his exuberant singing make his music both listenable and singable.  The simple instrumentation offers no band to hide behind, but Phil has the musicianship and the confidence to carry the music alone.  Listen for creative melodies, pulsing rhythms, and a laid-bare attitude of real, gutsy praise.  “At Your Name,” a fresh rendition of “Spirit of the Living God,” “Heaven Song,” and “We Give You All the Glory,” standout as particularly effective worship songs.

 More: Singalong 2 is fully stocked with great worship tunes that will easily transfer to real church worship ministry.  It combines ungraded worship, acoustic pop, and congregational singing.

 Less: While some of Wickham’s vocal ornaments may be difficult to emulate, that shouldn’t stop a determined worship team from making these songs their own. 

 4.5 stars 

Amanda Furbeck

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