Still Believe

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Kim Walker-Smith1Kim Walker-Smith
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Apart from Jesus Culture this time around, Still Believe is the second of Kim Walker-Smith’s solo records (self-producing Here Is My Song in 2008). Nothing short of powerful, you can sense the raw emotion coursing through this live-recorded Spirit-led time of worship. Walker-Smith eloquently leads the congregation through spontaneous sung prayer and heart-driven songs with her impeccable range and strong, authoritative voice. There are some great moments in this record, including the driving drum beats, beautiful violin and synth lines, and shouts of praise from the result of honest and glorifying corporate worship. Kim Walker-Smith is an evident, true leader of worship.

Dynamically, the record remains fairly big most of the time, with a couple of exceptions. We are given a considerable first impression with the opener “Alive.” Inundated with piano, soft synth, and Kim Walker-Smith’s soothing voice this song introduces the album’s message: Jesus is alive, his Spirit is here, and he’s worth risking all we have. Lyrically, this record has some room for something deeper theologically; however, that shouldn’t take away from the beauty of what is happening here. “Spirit Break Out” is the climax of the record, with a chanting, solider-esque feel, syncopated toms, strings, and shouting voices declaring adoration and desire for the Holy Spirit—it is certainly a strong recording, giving reason to believe that live moment was a powerful experience.

More: There is some great material in here for new congregational worship songs.

Less: The spontaneity that each song trails off into lacks clear song-building structure, making it hard for worship leaders to translate into something singable for their church.

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