Our editors are listening to the songs for possible inclusion on the Song Discovery CD. Songs are delivered to Worship Leader magazine subscribers across multiple generations, multiple cultures, and multiple traditions. We encourage you to submit your song for consideration: 


Which songs are most likely to meet the standards that we have for the Song Discovery CD? 

The Song Discovery listening panel choose the songs that will benefit congregations around the world, and strives to find 12 diverse songs that will serve multiple generations, multiple cultures, and multiple traditions.

When will I find out if my song was selected? 

While we listen to every song submitted, due to the amount of submissions, you will only hear back from us if your song has been selected to go before our listening panel.

How often are listening panels gathered?

There is a new listening panel every two months.

What makes a song eligible for possible inclusion on the Song Discovery CD?

For a song to be eligible, the song must be accompanied with a lyric sheet.

Are multiple submissions accepted?

Yes, we accept multiple submissions. For example, if we receive a CD in the mail, then all songs on a submitted CD will be evaluated. 

I’m an unsigned artist. How do I announce my new song now? 

We customized our ad packages on and in Worship Leader magazine to help independent artists like you get your new music/project in front of our audience. For rates and info, please contact Daniele Kimes at 615-866-9232 /

Submit Your Song

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Note: If you prefer to send your song(s) on a CD, please include the information in the form above to: Worship Leader // Song Discovery submission, 29222 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 215, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. (You will not receive the CD you send back, so please make sure it is not your only one.)

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