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Submit a Song

How to submit your song(s) for possible inclusion on a Song DISCovery CD:
Eligible songs must be accompanied with a lyric sheet. And multiple submissions are accepted (e.g., all songs on a submitted CD will be evaluated).
There are two ways to submit your song(s):

  1. Mail a CD* of your song(s) with lyric sheet(s) and contact phone number to:
    Song DISCovery
    Attn: Phil Sillas
    29222 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 215
    San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
    *You will not receive the CD you send back, so please make sure it is not your only one.
  2. Submit your song using the form below:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please note: While we listen to every song submitted, due to the amount of submissions, you will only hear back from us if your song has been selected to go before our listening panel (there is a new listening panel every two months).

Want to know which songs are most likely to meet the standards that we have for the Song DISCovery CD? 
The Song DISCovery listening panel uses the following five criteria for appraising the songs submitted to Song DISCovery for each issue of Worship Leader magazine.
(Please keep in mind, we also ask songwriters to be open to suggestions in case a song meets every criterion, but falls short in a single category.)

  1. Production Quality – We want to be fair to the songwriter and present their song in the best light. We also have promised our subscribers that we pick the best of the best, and we do not modify the production in any way – how you hear it is how it goes on the CD.
  2. Style Diversity – We serve 20,000 worship communities each with a diverse worship culture and style cannot be THE evaluative deciding factor. Rather, listen to the song, can it be adapted – does it have the strength lyrically to be modified to fit a multitude of congregational settings? We will manage the style diversity, but we also must listen past our own style preferences.
  3. Worship Function – The song needs to serve a function in the worship service, i.e.: offertory, communion, main congregational worship portion of the service, benediction, choral, special number, etc.
  4. Lyrical Poetry & Accessibility – We are here to discover songs that allow worshipers to offer their praise and worship in a new and unique (but not too unique) way. This is what C.S. Lewis called, Lyrical Poetry. They also need to be accessible, each church’s definition of what is accessible will differ but generally if you can sing the song after only hearing one verse and one chorus it is accessible.
  5. Theological Content – Above all else this criterion is most important. We need to make sure the lyrical content is doctrinally sound. What truth is it speaking to the congregation? And is this what we want to present to congregations to be sung over people in worship services?

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