Summer Hits


With summer ending this weekend and fall coming upon us, here are our most read worship articles of the hottest season. See what you missed or check back on what comments people have left about your comments.

1. Top 20 Worship Songs of 2013, So Far
Here are the top congregational songs of 2013 so far, according to Worship Leader. 

2. Song Story: 10,000 Reasons
The story behind the song “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” as told by Matt Redman

3. The Ubiquitous Mumford
For better or worse, the Mumford & Sons sound has made its way into your service of worship. Here are the top Mumford-esque worship songs. 

4. 4 Keys to Unlocking Congregational Singing
Would you like your Church to sing more? Well there are some things you can do as a leader to begin to make that happen. Here are 4 of them.

5. Should we allow unskilled musicians on the worship team?
One more round in the ongoing battle between involvement and excellence. 

6. 7 Crucial Tips for Background Vocalists
If you use vocalists, this is a must read for you … and you will want to pass it along to your team.

7. 5 Lessons Every Worship Leader Can Learn From Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach changed the world with his ministry of music. Find out how you can mimic the master. 

8. Worship Essentials: 7 Steps for Selecting Worship Songs
How do create dynamic, intimate, powerful, God stirring, anointed, fresh and relevant song lists.

9. The Digital Age: The Next Step for the David Crowder*Band
Get the inside story from the band that influenced worship music across the globe.

10. Expanding the Power of the Worship Team
7 ways to make your worship team a fully effective ministry team—outside of the music.


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