Keith McMillen QuNeo Review

Function: USB MIDI control pad
Price: $199
What’s New: Get your 3D glasses ready: the QuNeo is a brand new 3-dimensional MIDI control pad from Keith McMillen Instruments.  16 pads, 2 rotary sensors, and 9 sliders make the QuNeo incredibly versatile for beat making and loop triggering.  16 pads are set up in a 4×4 grid, similar to the classic MPC setup, but instead of hardware knobs and sliders, all of QuNeo’s controls are touch sensitive recessed pads/rotaries.  Multi-color LED lights mark the position on the sliders/rotaries and when used with Ableton Live, the pads control notes, trigger loops, or simply make the lights dance on the beat depending how you program them…but that’s not even the best part: every pad on the controller is touch and pressure sensitive.  Depending on how hard you press the pad, you can trigger different layers of effects, notes, loops, filters, or anything you can think of.  The pads are divided into different sections each so pressing different places on the pad can trigger different MIDI events if desired.  For example, press a pad once to play the loop, press it harder to raise the volume, and drag your finger around the surface to control a delay/filter once the loop is going.  Crossfade this loop with another loop with a slider and mix the entire thing with the side sliders and rotary knobs.  As strong as the QuNeo is in Ableton Live, it’s not just for loops, if you are a keyboard player, you use the pad to change patches and control virtual effects: use each pad to turn on a new layer of sound, turn on/off effects, control feedback/delay time, or reverb time and amount or even tap the tempo of time-based effects.  The controller can also be used to control lighting and video effects via MIDI.  The QuNeo is a truly groundbreaking MIDI device that offers control of every parameter imaginable with a touch of your finger, and allows the user to not only utilize the device as a transport for loop triggering, but also treat the pad as a performance instrument itself.  Whether you’re triggering loops and stems or looping live on the fly, or just need a comprehensive MIDI controller, I can’t emphasize enough how much power is in this device.  QuNeo brings a whole new level of control to MIDI performance.


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-Andy Toy