Camera Awesome Review

Camera Awesome
Function: Camera App for iPhone and iPad
Price: Free
What’s New: A powerful new photo/video app for iPad and iPhone, Camera Awesome definitely lives up to its name.  With a great-looking interface and easy-to-use features, Camera Awesome offers several upgrades to a standard apple camera app including ability to set separate exposure and focus spots, a level for the horizon, and 1-tap sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SmugMug, Flickr, and others. Editing includes an “awesomize” slider that automatically adjusts contrast, colors, and exposure to the optimum levels and allows the user to choose how much “awesome” to add. Camera Awesome comes with 36 different effects with more for optional purchase.  If that isn’t enough, the most awesome feature is the fact that the video records five seconds before you hit the record button, ensuring that you capture the exact moment you’re looking for. 
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-Andy Toy