Fender Blacktop Tele Baritone

Function: Baritone Electric Guitar
Price: $499
What’s New: How low can you go?  With the new Fender Blacktop Tele Baritone, quite low indeed.  27” scale B-to-B tuning allows you to play a full 4th below standard tuning and thicken the low end of your sound.  A maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard bolts onto an Alder Telecaster body.  The two tele-style single coil pickups paired with the single humbucker at the bridge makes the Tele Baritone an unconventional, yet vastly versatile baritone electric.  The pickup configuration differs from most classic baritone guitars (usually equipped with 2-3 single coil pickups) but offers a more modern sound.  The Blacktop Tele Baritone covers everything from low country twang to rich, full-sounding chords.  For the price, the Blacktop Tele Baritone offers a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities and is a nice addition to a stage with multiple guitarists.