NoMixups Review


NoMixups Review
Function: Mixer labels
Price: $24.99
What’s New: How many times have you walked into church on Sunday morning, dialed in your Aviom mix and nothing seems to be in the right channel?  If you’ve ever been frustrated with white tape, sharpies, or leftover settings from the choir rehearsal on Wednesday night, NoMixups provides a great solution to mixer and monitor labeling.  Sturdy, color-coded plastic labels attach to a strip of hook and loop (similar to Velcro) that attaches to the mixer, providing easy-to-read, moveable labels you can use every week.  A standard mixer set comes with 24 labels covering all the basics of a band such as vocals, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards and piano.  Also included are labels for DVD player, computer, CD player, as well as “Handheld wireless” and “Lav mic” and two blank labels for customization.  NoMixups packages are available for mixers from 24 to 64 channels and offer a specific set for Aviom mixers.  Additional add-on packs for keys, drums, brass, percussion, guitars, choir, FX, and pretty much anything you can think of are available separately.  NoMixups will even work with you to produce a fully custom set with individual text (vocalists’ names, stage left guitar, etc) color and text size options.  High quality material, easy-to-read, and easy-to-move, NoMixups are the perfect compliment to front of house boards, Aviom systems, or any other mixers or personal monitors. 
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-Andy Toy