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Fender Acoustic SFX Review

This gorgeous little amp might be designed as just a Fender acoustic guitar amp, but it’s capable of so much more. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Acoustic SFX offers two independent channels and a variety of built-in eff...

GMF SH-1 Pickup Review

New from GMF Music is the SH-1 acoustic guitar pickup, called the "Sound Hole" pickup because of its distinctive shape and easy installation. Low profile and easy to use, the SH-1 is one of the best values we’ve see this year.


DG Custom Cables Review

Founded by Dustin Guthrie, a worship pastor in Colorado Springs, DG Custom Cables are designed to give instrumentalists a great-sounding, durable cable that they can custom order with any number of useful features. DG offers in...


Clarkboards Review

The brainchild of Caleb Clements, Clarkboards is a custom pedalboard company based in Costa Mesa, CA. Clarkboards works with the customer extensively to create the perfect board for each individual. Each customer has the option...

ESO Strap Review

Specialty guitar straps have been around for a while now, but it’s not often you see one built with the comfort and ease of the guitar player in mind, which is exactly what the ESO strap seems to target. With its natural curve ...


Gruv Gear GigBlade Review

It may look more like a golf bag than a guitar bag, but the Gruv Gear GigBlade is one of the most innovative and unique guitar gig bags we’ve seen. Constructed of strong, durable nylon, GigBlade offers a lightweight, sturdy car...


Tapestry Audio Bloomery Review

The Tapestry Audio Bloomery is a brand new take on the traditional guitar volume pedal in a tiny footprint. At just 7.8" x 2.25”, Bloomery is one of the thinnest volume pedals on the market, which can save you valuable space on...

Boss DD-500 Review

The DD-500 is one of the first Boss pedals that, well doesn’t look like a Boss pedal, moving away from the single and dual footswitch chassis to offer a sleek, white enclosure with black knobs and true by pass switching. Some o...


Rattlesnake Cables Review

Rattlesnake cables are the brainchild of guitarist and electronics guru Hank Donovan based in Missoula, Montana. Custom built to order, Hank’s cables are low-capacitance, heavy duty and dead quiet and sound different than any o...