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WL mag: What made you decide to start Alclair and how long have you been in business?

Alclair is an evolution of three generations of family business.  My grandfather, father, brother and I have all worked in the custom hearing device industry.  Alclair grew out of that legacy and my own drive to invent. 
WL mag: How is the Alclair IEM different from other IEMs? 

All manufacturers use the same basic components; the distinction between us is how we use them.  Our history gives us an understanding of custom molding acrylics and management of sound delivery that helps us create distinctive products.  My background is in polymer chemistry, we make the stuff they shoot in your ear when you get impressions, so when you place an order, if you don’t have an audiologist already, we will help you find someone in our network to make your impressions, or if we don’t know someone, we’ll find someone in your area and even call them and talk to get the best impressions possible.

WL mag: It looks like you have a great lineup of IEMs right now, do you have any plans for any new products?
We have high end offerings and universals in the works.  One of our main goals is to make a great sounding universal IEM, especially for churches who have rotating band members to use on a regular basis on Sunday morning.  We also want our universals to be repairable so our customers can send them to us for repairs if needed.
WL Mag: When you are working on a new product, what are the key things you have in mind? 
For us a key theme in our design is reliability.  IEMs are of no value to our artists if they aren’t ready to work.  Also, we design iem’s for different tastes and needs.  Some are designed to cut through the stage like a horn-loaded wedge, others have more bottom end, and some very flat like a reference monitor. Since the beginning, I have focused on what artists want/need not my idea of what it should be.  Our first model, the dual driver has balanced lows and clear highs, making it perfect for vocalists, but when I showed them to a drummer friend, he said, “I like it, but I’d love a little more low end to feel the kick and groove”.  That’s how the dual XB came about, I designed them for musicians who want a little more bass.  That’s how I approached making IEM, I want to help musicians hear what they want and need.
WL mag: What is a driver and how does it affect the sound of an IEM?
Drivers are also known as balanced armatures. They are micro speakers designed originally for the hearing instrument market. The choice and combination of drivers is a function of the design objective, sound signature/quality and the price point. 
WL mag: A lot of people say that the seal of a custom IEM is the biggest difference in sound quality when changing from generic earphones, what do you think the biggest difference is?
Seal is critical to experience the best performance from custom monitors.  A poor fit can totally take out the low end.  Another huge benefit of customs many people often don’t consider is the hearing protection.  A proper seal with custom IEMs provides ambient sound reduction in the range of 25 – 30db.  That’s a huge benefit in preserving the hearing of our artists. Comfort, and consistency would also be factors in changing to customs.  We have a great staff who make high quality shells so they fit correctly in your ear.  Everyone seems to focus on sound quality and drivers, but a big factor is the fit, if they don’t fit comfortably or keep falling out of your ears, then the balance of the sound is thrown off.
WL Mag: How do you feel your products fit into a church/worship setting?
I see it as the body of Christ at work.  God gave me the gifts of invention and creation. For me, creating these designs and producing the finished product are an act of worship.  Providing great service to our artists is an act of ministry. And, when we gather corporately to worship our Father, let nothing impede our best for him.  I believe our efforts help artists offer praise worthy of our Creator.
WL Mag: What would you like your customers to know/remember about your products? 
Our products do what our customers need them to do.  The reason artists choose and come back to Alclair is the service and care they receive from us.
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Alclair RSM Review

Alclair RSM Review
There are three important parts of an in ear monitor: fit, sound quality, and reliability, and Alclair RSM’s excels at them all.  The RSM is a three-way custom in ear monitor providing two woofers, a mid-range, and a tweeter.  The powerful, punchy bass is balanced by a smooth top end and exceptional clarity and separation between all the instruments in the mix. 
BIG is the best way to describe the bass response on the RSM.  The bass is slightly more pronounced than a triple or dual driver in ear monitor, and feels deep and three-dimensional.  Kick drums sound phenomenal, punchy, thick, and powerful.  I plugged a bass guitar in direct through the RSMs and immediately felt like there was an 8×10 cab behind me!  Bottom end is smooth as butter and has power and headroom for days.  Top end is clear and not harsh at all, with plenty of high-end definition and clarity.  Midrange is focused and refined, not honky or over-pronounced.  Piano and organ sit perfectly in the mix.  The separation between lows and highs is stunning; vocals and guitars sound clear as day and don’t clash with lower instruments like bass or kick drum at all.  Overall, the RSMs were well balanced, powerful, and extremely clear. 
The RSMs fit like a glove.  No falling out of my ear or constantly having to readjust to get the seal just right, the RSMs fit well from the first time I put them in.  I’ve even worn them for extended periods of time and even fallen asleep once or twice with them in: they’re that comfortable. 
Building IEMs is nothing new to Alclair.  The RSMs are built with outstanding attention to detail, using the highest quality components available.  The cord is thick and sturdy, and the connections are all tight and well protected from sweat or makeup.  Alclair also offers custom artwork and colors on all their IEM models.
Last Thoughts:
The RSMs are great in ear monitors at a great price.  If you’re a musician who likes a balanced mix with powerful low end and clear smooth highs, the RSMs are perfect for you.  What impressed us the most was the personal service and communication Alclair provides to each new buyer, setting up each customer with an audiologist in their area and providing them with instructions on how to get the best impressions. Not only has Alclair managed to build a all-around fantastic in ear monitors, but their customer care and service puts them a step above other IEM providers. 
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