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Fender FXA6 Review

When we first heard Fender was making in-ear monitors, we have to admit we were immensely curious; after all, the legendary guitar and amp company makes the most famous instruments and amplifiers on the planet! After doing some...

Rev33 Review

To say that Rev33 is a "filter," although technically true, seems to us at WLM to be a dramatic understatement, as the little device is one of the best IEM accessories we’ve ever come across! In short, Rev33 is a passive device...


Clear Tune Monitors CT-6E Review

Based in Orlando, FL, Clear Tune Monitors have one of the most diverse lineups of custom IEMs on the market. CT-6E sport 6 drivers per ear (1 high, 1 mid, 1 low mid, and dual low) and provide up to -26dB of noise isolation. Cle...


Westone AM Pro 20 Review

When using in-ear monitors on the church stage, how many times have you felt isolated and disconnected with the congregation because you’re unable to hear them through your headphones? The answer to your woes may just lie here ...

Alclair Versa Review

The Versa is the newest custom in-ear monitor from Alclair and designed to be an extremely affordable entry-level custom IEM. The Mineappolis-based company has quickly become one of our favorite IEM makers in the past couple ye...