Alclair RSM Review

Alclair RSM Review
There are three important parts of an in ear monitor: fit, sound quality, and reliability, and Alclair RSM’s excels at them all.  The RSM is a three-way custom in ear monitor providing two woofers, a mid-range, and a tweeter.  The powerful, punchy bass is balanced by a smooth top end and exceptional clarity and separation between all the instruments in the mix. 
BIG is the best way to describe the bass response on the RSM.  The bass is slightly more pronounced than a triple or dual driver in ear monitor, and feels deep and three-dimensional.  Kick drums sound phenomenal, punchy, thick, and powerful.  I plugged a bass guitar in direct through the RSMs and immediately felt like there was an 8×10 cab behind me!  Bottom end is smooth as butter and has power and headroom for days.  Top end is clear and not harsh at all, with plenty of high-end definition and clarity.  Midrange is focused and refined, not honky or over-pronounced.  Piano and organ sit perfectly in the mix.  The separation between lows and highs is stunning; vocals and guitars sound clear as day and don’t clash with lower instruments like bass or kick drum at all.  Overall, the RSMs were well balanced, powerful, and extremely clear. 
The RSMs fit like a glove.  No falling out of my ear or constantly having to readjust to get the seal just right, the RSMs fit well from the first time I put them in.  I’ve even worn them for extended periods of time and even fallen asleep once or twice with them in: they’re that comfortable. 
Building IEMs is nothing new to Alclair.  The RSMs are built with outstanding attention to detail, using the highest quality components available.  The cord is thick and sturdy, and the connections are all tight and well protected from sweat or makeup.  Alclair also offers custom artwork and colors on all their IEM models.
Last Thoughts:
The RSMs are great in ear monitors at a great price.  If you’re a musician who likes a balanced mix with powerful low end and clear smooth highs, the RSMs are perfect for you.  What impressed us the most was the personal service and communication Alclair provides to each new buyer, setting up each customer with an audiologist in their area and providing them with instructions on how to get the best impressions. Not only has Alclair managed to build a all-around fantastic in ear monitors, but their customer care and service puts them a step above other IEM providers. 
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