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Cubase Pro 9 Review

Cubase has long been the favorite DAW of many recording musicians and engineers due to its comprehensive attention to detail and simple workflow, and with the new updates in Cubase Pro 9, the recording software has truly become...

Presonus Studio 192 and Digimax DP88 Review

It’s not often we get to do a joint review of two different products, but when we saw how flawlessly the new Presonus Studio 192 and Digimax DP88 worked together, instead of deciding between the two, we decided to review both! ...


Yamaha HPH MT7W Review

Designed to be the "NS-10s" of over the ear headphones, the Yamaha HPH MT7W provide a neutral, flat midrange frequency response reminiscent of the classic monitors they were modeled after. Built out of a thick ABS housing, synt...