Tapestry Audio Time Traveler Review

Time Traveler
Function: Tap Tempo Pedal
Price: $199
What’s New: The Time Traveler is a boutique tap tempo pedal by Tapestry Audio. The first of its kind, the Time Traveler allows you to store and scroll through up to 10 presets via footswitch and has multiple outputs to sync more than one pedal at a time. This feature is incredibly useful when using more than one delay at a time, or when using say, two separate pedals for tremelo and delay. My personal favorite feature is the BPM display with adjustable brightness (especially useful for people with sensitive eyes like me). The tempo can be controlled by tapping a momentary footswitch (much like a BOSS FS-5U) or by twisting a knob. This is a huge help for syncing up analog delays, or delays that don’t have a specific BPM readout to be exactly in time. Hand-wired and constructed, the Time Traveler currently comes in either a two or three-output model. While $199 might sound a bit excessive to spend on a tap tempo, the satisfaction of knowing your effects will be perfectly in time makes it essential for performance and the studio alike. For more information about the Time Traveler visit tapestryaudio.com

Camera Awesome Review

Camera Awesome
Function: Camera App for iPhone and iPad
Price: Free
What’s New: A powerful new photo/video app for iPad and iPhone, Camera Awesome definitely lives up to its name.  With a great-looking interface and easy-to-use features, Camera Awesome offers several upgrades to a standard apple camera app including ability to set separate exposure and focus spots, a level for the horizon, and 1-tap sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SmugMug, Flickr, and others. Editing includes an “awesomize” slider that automatically adjusts contrast, colors, and exposure to the optimum levels and allows the user to choose how much “awesome” to add. Camera Awesome comes with 36 different effects with more for optional purchase.  If that isn’t enough, the most awesome feature is the fact that the video records five seconds before you hit the record button, ensuring that you capture the exact moment you’re looking for. 
For more information about Camera Awesome visit www.awesomize.com.


-Andy Toy


Love & War & the Sea In Between

Josh Garrels 
Small Voice Records

WL Quick Tip: A biblically informed, worshiping artist who awakes us to the passionate reality and emotional power of Christ in and through us. The worship circle grows bigger. This CD is available for free download at joshgarrels.com.

Anyone who has encountered Josh Garrels artistry: recorded, live, or on the Web knows that he is passionately connected to what he sings and plays. He has the disturbing voice of a prophet. There is comfort and encouragement, but there is also confrontation. On Love & War & The Sea In Between, Garrels croons, rhapsodizes, wails, moans, raps and intones with a laidback fervency that is immediate, raw, and above all, musical. His album is filled with surprises and discovery. There are unexpected thoughts, tones and, textures at every turn, a sonic tapestry where music is not a backdrop, but part of the landscape juxtaposed to a lyrical map of a world of mystery that demands a response. No neutrality, rather, naked vulnerability. He is in the company of beat poets, early Dylan, and McMillan.

And whatever you’ve encountered in the past, there is more in Love & War & the Sea In Between. Its alternative, experimental folk-rap-roots cornucopia of styles encompasses a plethora of instrumental and vocal shades from strings, woodwinds, to banjoes, guitars, accordions, harpsichords, and French horns, drums, assorted percussion, acoustic guitar, charango, dulcimer, piano, tubular bells, and everything in between, plus this time around, Josh adds a sprinkle of electric guitar, just to change it up. The first song “White Owl” with its poetic, prophetic and epic weave captures the imagination for a journey through dreams, adventures, Scriptures, prayers. “Drunken Sailor Waltz” is a musical picture of Proverbs 23 and is a discordant sobering funhouse of a song.

Lassoing images from antiquity, the Bible, literature-from the Psalms of David to the Wisdom of Solomon, the poetry of Homer (“Ulysses”), the book of Revelation (“Revelator”) and beyond-Josh mashes them together and claims them all for God. He weaves his story together, adding musical interludes that are sound-paintings that stir and challenge. Not only is his music fresh and unique, so is his approach to production and distribution. While others are selling their CDs, Josh is giving them away and enlisting the whole body of Christ to invest in the production, this is a family business. While others are making singles, EPs and abbreviated CDs, with 18 tracks, his Love & War is a musical War and Peace. Garrels creates to the beat of a different drum … and Drummer.

Playlist: Although you will have favorites, take the time to experience it as a whole and then replay, “The Resistance” and “Revelator.”


- Andrea Hunter