Tapestry Audio Time Traveler Review

Time Traveler
Function: Tap Tempo Pedal
Price: $199
What’s New: The Time Traveler is a boutique tap tempo pedal by Tapestry Audio. The first of its kind, the Time Traveler allows you to store and scroll through up to 10 presets via footswitch and has multiple outputs to sync more than one pedal at a time. This feature is incredibly useful when using more than one delay at a time, or when using say, two separate pedals for tremelo and delay. My personal favorite feature is the BPM display with adjustable brightness (especially useful for people with sensitive eyes like me). The tempo can be controlled by tapping a momentary footswitch (much like a BOSS FS-5U) or by twisting a knob. This is a huge help for syncing up analog delays, or delays that don’t have a specific BPM readout to be exactly in time. Hand-wired and constructed, the Time Traveler currently comes in either a two or three-output model. While $199 might sound a bit excessive to spend on a tap tempo, the satisfaction of knowing your effects will be perfectly in time makes it essential for performance and the studio alike. For more information about the Time Traveler visit tapestryaudio.com