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AVL With a Global Reach

A mission trip in your possible future? Here are things to remember to make sure the sound is as good as it can be.

The Law of Guitar Cables

A little bit of humility and a dash of troubleshooting could go a long way in helping you overcome some of life’s daily inconveniences.

How Word Clouds Can Strengthen Your Worship

Here’s a powerful and simple tool for you to use to add depth and insight to your worship leadership.

Don’t Check Your Email Right Before Service

Simple? Maybe, but here are the reasons you may want to save checking your inbox for after the service.

An Expert Breaks Down In-Ears

Still have questions about the importance or significance of in-ears monitors? Here is a broad overview of the uses and effects of switching to in-ears.


Do you need more gear to get the right tone? The key might be to know the equipment you have and use it to its full potential.


Right Gear for the Small Church

Instead of finding the most expensive gear, smaller churches should look for the “right” gear.

Lightsabers in Worship

Using the resources you have in order to take part in the most exciting, powerful, and dangerous story in the history of the world.

When Should You Update Your Software?

6 Essential principles to choosing the right time to make the leap to the next upgrade.

Interview: MIO

Looking for affordable and sustainable design ideas to enhance your sanctuary? Take a look at what MIO offers.

Bridging the Gap from Worship Leader to Sound Tech

A candid discussion with the lead audio engineer for Chris Tomlin & Passion City Church

The Beauty of Fandom

Grassroots art and helping create fans of the only One who truly deserve it.