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Technology and Worship

The Sound Tech’s 5 Rules for Prayer Without Distractions

How a worship tech can best facilitate the congregational prayer in a worship service.

The Law of Guitar Cables

A little bit of humility and a dash of troubleshooting could go a long way in helping you overcome some of life’s daily inconveniences.


Don’t Check Your Email Right Before Service

Simple? Maybe, but here are the reasons you may want to save checking your inbox for after the service.

Lightsabers in Worship

Using the resources you have in order to take part in the most exciting, powerful, and dangerous story in the history of the world.

Bridging the Gap from Worship Leader to Sound Tech

A candid discussion with the lead audio engineer for Chris Tomlin & Passion City Church

The Beauty of Fandom

Grassroots art and helping create fans of the only One who truly deserve it.


Why Does Visual Imagery Belong in the Church?

A breakdown of the “whys” of using visuals in your service of worship.

Worship Volume Explained

Why “turning it down” isn’t as simple as it may seem.

10 Ways to Communicate Well in Today’s Visual Culture

Today, our communication occurs within a highly visual culture; how can we communicate well in the midst of this sea of images?

iPad Ideas for the Worship Pianist

Music readers, suggested apps, lyric presentations and more! Discover how a tablet can be the worship pianists new best friend.

4 Lessons for Leading a Traditional Worship Service

: My church is all contemporary worship, but I’ve been asked to fill in at another church down the street that is purely traditional. What are some things I should know about the tech side of leading in a traditional serv...

Communication Guru: Quentin Schultze

A conversation between Publisher of Worship Leader magazine Chuck Fromm and communications guru Quentin Schultze about the state of Worship 2.0 and what you should know before rushing in to join the latest trends.