The Analog Sessions

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1-macdonaldShawn McDonald   
Sparrow Records

Old school meets new in this delightfully recorded acoustic/alternative pop album, The Analog Sessions by Shawn McDonald. McDonald celebrates the 10 year mark of his impressive career with this collection of two brand new tunes (“What Are You Waiting For” and “Through It All”) and nine rejuvenated fan-favorites (“Eyes Forward,” “Gravity,” and “Beautiful”) that have connected with listeners throughout the years. McDonald attributes the warm, live sound of this album to its completely analog recording approach using tape machines and vintage amps. Singer/songwriter McDonald focuses this album, with its fresh yet antique approach, on God’s mercy and grace, and His transcendent love while showcasing McDonald’s creative storytelling, dynamic vocals, and inspiring acoustic pop rhythms.

More: The Analog Sessions is the perfect album for brightening up any personal music collection with its old school recording techniques, vocal warmth, and upbeat acoustic pop stylings, sure to please any music connoisseur.

Less: Although these revived tunes are delightful and refreshing, a few additional new tunes would have made this album even more exciting and fun. 

Amanda Furbeck
4.5 stars 

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