The Case for the Psalms

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nt-wrightN.T. Wright

Most people simply can’t imagine what it might be like to live in God’s world, in his time, in his space, and in his matter. This book is aimed at helping God’s people to imagine God’s larger, richer world as they pray the Psalms.

N.T. Wright joins the flurry of publications in the last year that have placed the Book of Psalms at the center of Scripture and faith. If we weren’t already convinced, Wright presents a persuasive argument that the Psalms are as his title indicates, “essential,” and beyond that, “the steady sustained subcurrent of healthy Christian Living.” But this is not a legalistic, required-reading scenario, rather an evocative invitation “to pray and live the psalms.”

As he has in recent works, Wright connects God’s rescue of us, our lives, and the earth we live in, and our role in the grand narrative. He and the Psalms won’t let us off the hook. And for those who have relegated the Psalms to a disconnected Old Testament discipline or liturgy, Wright makes it clear that emulating Jesus and New Testament Christians means immersion in the Psalms that formed them and their worldview, which crosses Testaments and stands at the intersection of all time. It also means active engagement in God’s rescue plan of our lives and the lives of those around us, as well as the earth, and the socio/cultural world we live in.

Wright wears his gifts as pastor, preacher and teacher well in this book, but also walks beside us as a fellow pilgrim ascending the hill of the Lord.

– Andrea Hunter


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