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The Catalyst Leader



Author: Brad Lomenick
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Street Date: April 16, 2013
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eadership is much more than doing paperwork, making routine decisions, and dealing with a vast array of personality issues and conflicts. Brad Lomenick, the Key Visionary and President of Catalyst, an influential leadership movement, recognizes that today’s young leaders are entering an environment that requires them to be confident, inspirational and visionary to be successful. He describes eight essential characteristics of a leader who is influential and a true change maker: called, authentic, passionate, capable, courageous, principled, hopeful and collaborative.

Lomenick does more than simply educate the young people entering roles of leadership. He also challenges the older, experienced leaders to actively pursue opportunities to become mentors to the aspiring young leaders so they pass on their years of wisdom to the next generations. Leaders who are willing to put aside their selfish goals and apply Lomenick’s eight keys will find they can definitely make a positive impact for God and society.

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