The Fire

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1-sanlaneSamuel Lane
Vineyard Records UK

Samuel Lane uses his gift of music to lead the listener on an intimate and passionate journey of worship. The beauty of The Fire is that it is an extremely accessible worship record that can be adapted to almost any setting. The lyrics and melodies are simple enough that a congregation can follow, but the simplicity in no way diminishes this gospel-centered album. Samuel’s honesty in worship and apparent heart to serve God and the Church with his music is beautiful. These songs are simply prayers put to music.

With a style that very listenable, Samuel has a humble grace about the way he writes and sings. “Take Me With You” sets the tone for the rest of the album with an attitude of sweet surrender and trust in Jesus. Moving through this record’s songs, “Fiery Love,” “Adore Him,” “Fall Afresh,” and “You Are With Us” are all standouts.

More: Samuel’s songwriting ability paired with his heart to lead the Church in the Worship of God fuse perfectly to create a beautiful, artistic and useful worship record for the Church.

Less: Much of the record has the same musical tone and dynamic; a bit more sound diversity would strengthen it.

Jay Akins
4 Stars

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    2. Samuel Lane is an incredible worship leader. I can’t wait until this CD is available in the states!

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