The Hurt & the Healer

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Fair Trade
In MercyMe’s seventh studio project, The Hurt and the Healer, the guitars are at the forefront, the music is easy-on-the-ears, and Millard’s power pipes close out the trifecta to make this a successful, albeit typical, MM release. Full of heart, melody, and sure to find a massive radio time, The Hurt and the Healer stays the course. The strength of one of the most eminent bands in Christian music has always been their ability to have fun. MercyMe don’t take themselves too seriously, leaving them able to provide musical insight for full radio-friendly impact. That said, The Hurt & the Healer is darker than previous offerings. This release feels seeped in the ups and downs of life. The result however costs more memorable hooks in the up-tempo tunes. The piano comes in and takes the yoke at one point (“The First Time”) to pilot an intimate mood and expose the deeper feelings, and it’s a nice moment in a sound-saturated release. 

More: Stepping in line with the quality of their previous releases, it’s nice to feel a more personal power rock release.

Less: Stylistically we are still a bit in the late ’90s.

3 stars

-Jeremy Armstrong

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