The Rock Wont Move

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VCBVertical Church Band
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Vertical Church Band is more a movement than a rock band; more a lifestyle than a musical style; more a way of worshiping than a means of selling music. Vertical Church Band, based out of Harvest Bible Chapel, focuses its worship music on God, and God alone, just as the angels sing his praises continually. VCB is formed from the 400 men and women who lead worship at Harvest Bible Chapel’s 7 campuses. VCB is exceptionally prolific, with over a hundred worship songs written by their worship leaders in the past year. Their latest release, The Rock Won’t Move, features 6 powerful worship leaders from this amazing group of musicians and 11 fresh, new songs with which to praise a Holy God. This collection of songs is masterfully produced, beautifully written, well-rehearsed, and lyrically moving. With a host of music pastors and worship leaders on its credits, this album is as professional as it is spiritual. This contemporary pop worship music features strong vocal leaders, faithful Christian imagery, and faith-building lyrics.

The title track, “The Rock Won’t Move,” reveals God as the foundation of the Christian faith, referencing the old hymn, “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.” “Strong God” is a rhythmic, sweet and strong expression praising God’s strength and might. “Worthy Worthy” is a passionate hymn pointing to the eternal holiness of Christ. “Only Jesus Can” is a catchy, acoustic song about what God can do in the life of the believer. Themes on this poignant album include God’s strength, unfailing love, and holiness.

More: This well-produced release offers 11 very usable, very passionate, real-church worship songs that are singularly focused on praising God.

Less: Vertical Church Band provides downloadable chord charts for some of their other worship songs. Charts for The Rock Won’t Move would make this exceptional album complete.

Amanda Furbeck
4.5 stars

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