The Water & The Blood

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dustin_kensrueDustin Kensrue
BEC/Mars Hill

The band Thrice may be on a break, but frontman Dustin Kensrue is keeping the music industry on its feet with his third solo album The Water & The Blood. His work and sound is a potpourri of Tim Timmons, Coldplay, City Harmonic, U2 , and Derrick Webb and the album is cover to cover an intense personal worship album.

First, there are the repetitious cadence songs like “Rejoice,” “God Is Good,” and “Come Lord Jesus” that draw the worshiper into song. Then, there are standouts such as “Suffering Servant” with deep lyrics that give the listener something more than a series of clichés to grasp at. The music throughout the album is bold and without the common stabs that most artists are attempting to replicating these days.

More: Kensrue is currently the worship pastor at Mars Hill Church in Bellevue, Washington and he produces honest, raw, and deeply worshipful songs of hope and grace.

Less: The complexity of the music could make for out-of-reach arrangements for most worship teams with these songs.

3.5 Stars
Jason Whitehorn


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