The Becoming

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Jenny Simmons1Jenny Simmons
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The Becoming sees the former singer of Addison Road stepping out on her own, after waving a friendly farewell to her erstwhile bandmates. Taking the helm as a songwriter for the first time, Simmons charts an individualistic course, infusing her music with a real sense of what it’s like for her to live her day-to-day life. In fact, much of the lyrical material here looks like it could have been taken directly from her daily journal.

As is often the case with a move from a band environment to an individual project, the sum of the whole that was is no longer there. Shades of Addison Road unmistakably do come through, but they flow through the lens of the individual vision and views of a woman bent on wholeheartedly seeking God and living life. The end result is simple, honest, and, in it’s best moments, spiritually refreshing. 

More: Authentic struggles and emotion from someone asking the questions that we all eventually ask, finally coming to conclusions infused with unstoppable hope. 

Less: Drum loops sometimes pull away from the otherwise organic feel of the disc, but a minor complaint in the midst of genuine and unpretentious expression.


4 stars
Greg Wallace

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