The Fire of the Word

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The Fire of the Word
Chris Webb
InterVarsity Press

Chris Webb knows firsthand the transforming power of the Bible. A friend gave the devout Buddhist a collection of Jesus’ sayings and parables, and Webb’s life found new meaning as he dug into the Gospels. Webb explains that many Christians read the Bible with indifference instead of expecting an encounter with God as he reveals himself in all of his fascinating dimensions. He believes that the Bible is too often viewed as a lifeless book containing old stories, boring historical data, or irrelevant rules and regulations. Webb pleads for Christians to approach scripture reading as a time to contemplate and meditate on God’s love and develop a deeper intimacy with Him. He stresses discovering Jesus in every chapter, because “Jesus is the central character from the first page to the last.” Pastors can easily recommend The Fire of the Word as an excellent starting point for congregants to rekindle their passion for the Word of God.

–Jeff Friend


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