The McGuire Side

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Gabriel Wilson
The McGuire Side


Gabriel Wilson brings something special to the worship and gospel table. Guitar-driven ballads with a touch of Southern flare is a welcome introduction to The McGuire Side. With the opportunity to over-produce this project it takes a more vulnerable direction reminiscent of Michael Card or a youthful Glenn Campbell. “How to Keep a Girl and “Hold Your Head Up” are vibrant and yet simple for sing-a-longs and tuned for the campfire.

“The McGuire Side” is a personal journey that is worth looking into for those seeking encouragement and reconciliation. The CD flows well and the old school gospelcollaboration of “I Know He’s Real” is a tribute to his family legacy and the bliss of “Joy in the Church” alone are worth the price of admission. The project offers hope and encouragement for indie artists to do their thing instead of releasing formulaic tunes, which seem to be excessively common, of late.

More: Acoustic sensibilities of the opening tune “McGuire Side” and country swing of “Joy in the Church” which have a nice easy listening blues and country feel.

Less: Ballad-focused songs that tend to be a bit melancholy over the course of the album.  

3.5 Stars
Darryl Bryant

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