The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

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In many husband and wife duos, there is a clear “front person,” with one or the other spouse functioning in more of a support role. Not so with Richie and Dana Fike. The two trade the lead role effortlessly and truly shine when blending their considerable talents together. The Fikes have been songwriters for The Katinas; Travis Ryan; and Phillips, Craig & Dean, among others, and they put their experience to good use, crafting a transparent and unpretentious collection of songs. Production is top notch allowing a simple, folky feel to wind its way through the entire disc. Heartfelt and real, The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For was worth the wait.

 More: The Fikes are very talented songwriters, who also happen to be very talented vocalists. The blend of those two worlds rules the day here, resulting in a top-notch collection of faith-infused songs.

 Less: The production does threaten to overwhelm the simple beauty of the songwriting on occasion, but is held in check to successfully maintain the solid artistic integrity of a solidly artistic project.

 4.5 stars

–Greg Wallace

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