The Struggle

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Tenth Avenue North
Reunion Records

Despite being titled The Struggle, the sounds resonating from Tenth Avenue North’s third album are an easy movement from one track to another of emotional delight. Albeit easy on the ears, the lyrics are a sincere look at look at the challenges in life we face—and the freedom we already have obtained to negotiate them through Christ. 

“Losing” has been dropped on radio stations across the country since late May and has already gained popularity. Its message resonates to those who struggle with the need for forgiveness. The third track on the album, Worn, resembles a modern-day psalm of David, a lamentation that drips with heartfelt pain and worship. 

There are 13 tracks on the album altogether and plenty of gems that can be used for focus songs. Look for a slight variation of style from former Tenth Ave albums (with Jason Ingram producing and a couple of new band members added to the flavor).

More: Great personal listening album. Fans make cameo appearances on some of the choruses as a result of social media requests by the band for fans to appear for live recording opportunities—a sign that “We’re all in ‘the struggle’ together”… perhaps? 

Less: While displaying sympathy with the struggles in the world, the album is missing a “bright note” song to finish the album with an exclamation point. 

4 Stars
Jason Whitehorn




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