The Way We Worship

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Artists in Residence at Fellowship Bible Church, Franklin, Tennessee, FFH delivers the follow  up to 2009’s Wide Open Spaces, with The Way We Worship, an album encapsulating the music that defines the band as worship leaders and as touring artists.  Exquisitely blending matchless arrangements of acknowledged hymns and modern worship songs, The Way We Worship showcases the sounds that made FFH one of Christian

Contemporary’s best selling acts. 

The unmistakable harmonies created by the husband and wife team of Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler, are delivered with the incredible passion of those who have overcome through the power of Christ. This intensity engages the listener to have the sense of being led in worship rather than listening to worship.

This album differs from other FFH projects, in that vocally Jennifer has a larger role, satisfying fan requests without losing the FFH vibe that has been expected by those same fans.  This provides a depth that has only been hinted at in previous projects and is a delightful addition to the FFH sound.    

More: Equally appealing to fans as well as to those who are being introduced to FFH, The Way We Worship is a melodious primer in the education of our spiritual life. 

Less:  Those who are fans of the FFH of the early 2000s won’t find a “Daniel,” or “Open Up The Sky” amongst this collection.

4 stars
Randy Cross

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