This Is A Good Day

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This Is A Good Day is not only the title of the album and one of its tracks, on California worship leader Gary Rea’s newest project, but a mentality that courses and pulses through the music and lyrics. Your awakening to this good day begins with the reassurance of the “Sweet Love” that surrounds you at the beginning of the circadian cycle. The addictive nature of the title track is reminiscent of the catchy feel of Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” The reality of our nothingness without God’s incredible grace sparks a smile that isn’t relinquished until the final anthemic strains of the comforting “You’re a Shield About Me.”

As a founding member of the Cape Town, South Africa band Peculiar People, Gary Rea has seen the impact of music ministry in people’s lives as he had the opportunity to tour South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Since the group disbanded in 2005, Rea’s worship leadership continues in the form of worship director at Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente, California.

“This Is A Good Day” as well as all of Gary Rea’s other projects include great songs for the Church. Chord charts and lyrics for each are available at the website.

More: Part Matt Redman, part David Crowder, and produced by Evan Wickham, “This Is A Good Day” is both encouraging and engaging. Rea’s experience as a worship leader is evident throughout the album.

Less: Absolutely nothing.

4.5 stars
Randy Cross


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