This Is Your Kingdom Come Now

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Casey Corum & Friends
Vineyard Worship 

 Casey Corum, singer/songwriter, producer, chief creative officer for Vineyard Worship, and worship pastor for the Sugar Land Vineyard church gathered his inspiration for This Is Your Kingdom Come Now from an expansive collection of musical approaches. As Corum describes it: “stylistically schizophrenic, but [it] all holds together.” This very “live” and alive recording from Casey’s home church in Houston adds a helping of gospel, R&B, funk, and Southern soul to the usual Vineyard folk-rock-roots-pop mix, augmented by the powerhouse Torri Baker (worship leader at the vineyard in Columbus, Ohio) who contributed select vocals and choir arrangements.

This is Your Kingdom Come Now features newly created worship along with past greats from gifted Vineyard writers including Corum himself, plus David Ruis, Jeremy Riddle, Brian Doerksen, Anabeth Morgan, Bobby Hartry, among many others. Every track on the album is musical, singable, transforming—providing churches of every tradition with songs that fill each service need, from baptism to communion, thanksgiving, intercession, and emotionally connected worship.

The album kicks off with a high-powered blast of thanksgiving and praise, “Love Has Rescued Me,” a fusion of gospel and rock in a story of God’s redeeming love, death, resurrection, and rescue. Next, “Heaven Come Down (This Is Your Kingdom Come Now),” written by Corum, wife Angie, daughter Abigail, and Anabeth Morgan, is packed with accessible rhythm, melodic and lyrical hooks—full of heart, hope, and healing love. Along with “Form Us,” it eloquently echoes God’s theme of “missional engagement” currently reverberating through the Church.

Inner healing—the unfolding of God’s ongoing salvation and restoration in a believer’s life—is reflected beautifully and experienced in “Peace,” while “Where the Mercy Falls,” written by David Ruis and Bobby Hartry, delivers classic Vineyard content with heightened passion and compelling energy. Corum’s “Kindness” corrects the tendency to leave the Holy Spirit out of our worship equation and attests to God’s healing, saving, merciful, freeing presence with us.

“We Are Clean” and “My Great Redeemer” (2002) are fitting communion accompaniment for your service of worship. The album’s capstone and perfect finish is 1985’s “You Are Here” by Patty Kennedy Marine—as arresting and lovely now as the day it was penned. It reiterates the album’s central truth of the God who is with us—his kingdom present here and now—to save, heal, free, and transform.

More: The wisdom, lyrical depth, musical breadth, maturity, and understanding of congregational life that is evident on this release is a blessing to the Church.

Less: The downside to this record is that it reminds us how infrequently we are getting music from Corum these days.

Andrea Hunter 

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