Top 20 Worship Songs of 2013, So Far


Here are the top congregational songs of 2013 so far, according to Worship Leader. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Did it appear on a release that has come out since January of this year?
Is it congregational in nature in melody and lyrical sentiment?
Is it fresh in lyrical content and musical approach?
Is it a prayer that resonates with your heart?
Is it already impacting the Church?

20. “High King of Heaven,” Vineyard Campbellsville, Promises of Wonder (Russell/Daugherty)

19. “Your Love Endures,” Samuel Lane, The Fire (Clarke/Clarke)

18. “Heaven’s Prince of Peace,” David M Edwards, Heart Full of Soul (Sillas/Edwards)

17. “In the Arms (Acoustic),” Carlos Whittaker, Fight (Whittaker/Finochio)

16. “Revive Us Again,” Charlie Hall, Death of Death (Hall/Ragland/Husband/MacKay)

15. “Safe in Your Arms,” Martin Smith, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01 (Tomlin/Smith)

14. “This I Know,” Crowder, Essential Collection (Crowder)

13. “The Lord Our God,” Passion, Let the Future Begin (Ingram/Stanfill)

12. “God Most High,” Worship Central, Let It Be Known (Cantelon/Hellebronth/Layzell)

11. “Crown Him (Majesty),” Chris Tomlin, Burning Lights (Tomlin/Cash/Elvey/Thring/Maher/Bridges)

10. “Beautiful Love,” BJ Putnam, More and More (Putnam/Riddle/Jones/King)

9. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” Hillsong United, Zion (Houston/Crocker/Lighthelm)

8. “The Mystery of Faith,” Glenn Packiam, The Mystery of Faith (Packiam/Riddle)

7. “Lord I Need You,” Matt Maher, All the People Said Amen (Nockels/Carson/Reeves/Stanfill/Maher)

6. “Victor’s Crown,” Darlene Zschech, Revealing Jesus (Zschech/Houghton/Jobe)

5. “Open Up Our Eyes,” Elevation Worship, Nothing Is Wasted (Brown/Gatch/Brock/Garrard/Joye)

4. “The Cross Stands,” Worship Central, Let It Be Known (Cantelon/Redman/Herbert/Hughes)

3. “Praise the Invisible,” Daniel Bashta, The Invisible (Bashta)

2. “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies),” Chris Tomlin, Burning Lights (Tomlin/Cash/Cash)


1. “Great Are You Lord,” All Sons & Daughters, Live (Leonard/Ingram/Jordan) 


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    54 comments on “Top 20 Worship Songs of 2013, So Far

    1. looks like another criterion is ‘is it white?” Not that it’s unreasonable to focus on a particular ethnic group or market segment, and there are some awesome songs here, but when it says “top congregational songs of 2013 so far”, and this is the list, it is pretty obvious there’s no interest in African-American congregations :)

      • So true Jeff. This website is great, but only really for one style of worship music it seems. If you do more than this genre or if you have a very multicultural congregation, you have to go elsewhere. I’ve still been very blessed by the articles on this site though, so thank you!

      • Hey Jeff, you are correct….that was a criteria for this list….unfortunately, verifying that all of the writers weren’t just solely co-writing these “worship” songs for CCLI money was not a criteria…..

        • I understand the cynicism that permeates CCM, but I can vouch personally for several of the artists here that write specifically for their congregation (All Sons and Daughters, Charlie Hall), and if it goes mainstream, great. While it is hard to cover a wide range of musical genres, it is just as bad to pigeon hole everyone into the professional writer category.

      • Christians shouldn’t complain Jeff, no matter what their race or musical taste. Worship music is where we all praise the Lord both as individuals and as a body of Christ, despite what kind of music we usually prefer. There are churches that cater to the rock genre in their worship, my preference, but I don’t judge others that worship in the style shown in this list either. Maybe there is more diversity of songs in the African American churches, who are we to say that this survey is flawed without facts, automatically saying the list is racially bias?

        • I agree, because God IS Spirit. We came for His heart, it doesnt matter the colour of our skin. He loves us and wants us to love each other. Nothing can separate us from His love, therefore, nothing should separate us from loving each other. my point is, He is Spirit, so are we.

          • You should try listening to 96.5 here in Brisbane. It’s just white Christian songs all day long. Fred Hammond? never…James Fortuna? Kirk Franklin no in your dreams! but you’ll get casting crowns, third day…and anything that comes from Nashville as long as it’s white. I’ve written to the they reply? no, and I’m white but my afro wife and children will always be condition to hear this at all the churches here in Australia where Hillsong rules and dictates and forget about being a worship leader if you don’t look like Darlene Zchetche….God bless this country..

            • People of all nationalities listen this kind of music Dan, not just white people -this is worship music.

            • I’m trying to figure out why people are arguing about this. And how did this, of all things, become a black & white issue? I listen to K-Love and I know many of the artists are African American as well as white. That’s the last thing I would’ve thought of. The real issue here it seems is about the style or genre of the music mostly played on major Christians radio stations. It’s the music that the majority relates to, or to put it another way it best resembles mainstream music. I would argue that’s why you hear more of this genre in Christian music than any other. Also, this website hasn’t made any bones about the type of music it promotes/focuses on. You wouldn’t turn the radio to a country station expecting to hear Jazz would you?

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    4. its very telling that the top song is the only one that’s not on spotify….All Sons and Daughters need to fix that.

    5. Thank you for putting this list together. There is some really fantastic stuff on this.

      No hymns made the list? It’s our mission to creative with tradition and reintroduce people to deep truths found in traditional hymns.

      • I would think that “Revive Us Again” and “Crown Him” are considered hymns. That would be 10% of the list are hymns. With over 35 years as a music minister, I’ve been from straight hymn services, to blended to contemporary. I am glad to see artists revamping the classic hymns for the next generation. The sound theology that was found in the classics should be paramount in our congregational worship today.

    6. You guys should create a Spotify account so that things like this could be put there to be listened to as well! Obviously not all of these songs are on Spotify (as Tim pointed out!) but the ones that are on there would be great to have in a playlist. It would also be great to be able to follow Worship Leader on there to see what is fresh and new!

    7. Spotify is not necessarily good for the artist, which in turn is not necessarily good for the worship leader. If artists aren’t paid well for their hard work, we won’t have as many high-quality artists churning out songs for the church. Also, WL gave us links to listen to *every single song.* What more do we want? Free CD’s?

    8. Crown Him (Majesty) is a beautiful rendition of the hymn Crown Him With many Crowns… I have always loved this hymn and this version really resonates with me and our congregation!!

    9. Great list!
      As for non-white songs, I believe the list was for “top” songs, meaning to me “most popular or commonly used” songs. It would be fair to say, then, that minority cultural groups would not have much opportunity to have songs included. It’s not a “let’s be all-inclusive fairness” list. I also believe that the list is “top congregational songs,” not to be confused with hymns. So while the list may disappoint some, I think it is a good list and as fair as possible all things considered.

    10. We need to use some hymns in our worship – if we don’t use them we will lose them. We do not need to use only the popular contemporary music. There are many in our congregations that even prefer music that they can relate to – let’s have a mix of both traditional and contemporary.

      • To say that you cannot relate to the contemporary songs is something that i just dont believe. I have had this conversation with many many people whom are for hymns. I dont understand the unwillingness to learn new songs as if the old hymns were inspired by God and people these days are not. It’s not about what we like or what we are comfortable with, it is about getting out of our comfort zones and completely giving everything we have in worship to Him. My church plays a blended service i just completely think that if you say you cannot relate to the new songs then you just are not trying or being open.

    11. I could not disagree more with many of the above comments. I have come across a wide variety of music from this site. Isn’t the idea to praise the LORD? we don’t need to cause friction when none is intended.

    12. I and so many in our congregation have been blessed to worship God with music of the genre reflected in this list and creative grand old hymns. However, I’m convicted that, as a leader, I need to be broadening the ‘diet’ of musical styles that we utilize. I just don’t know where to start. I think that Heart of the City/Dan Adler has a lot of great multi-cultural music. Can you give me other ideas or places to look?

    13. Jeff your right!….Here are the top 20 for African American churches…loll…..I have heard these songs sung the most during praise & worship enjoy!

      20.Give me You- Shana Wilson
      19. It’s all about you – Full Gospel Baptist International Worship Ministry
      18. Awesome- Pastor Charles Jenkins
      17. Worship in the now -Javen
      16. I need you now – Rod Lumpkin
      15. Life & Favor – Pastor John Pee Kee
      14.Turning Around for Me- Vashawn Mitchell
      13. I’ve Seen Him Do it- Kurt Carr
      12. Greater is Coming – Jekalyn Carr
      11. Every Praise- Bishop Hezikiah Walker
      10. Get Up- Tasha Cobbs
      9. Indescribeable – Kierra Sheard
      8. Here in Our Praise – Fred Hammond & United Tenors
      7. Lord You Reign- Pastor William Murphy iii
      6. You Reign- JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise
      5. Happy- Tasha Cobbs
      4. Lion of Judah- Shana Wilson
      3. Break Every Chain- Tasha Cobbs
      2. Something Happens- Preashea Hilliard
      1. The Best Days Yet- Bishop Paul S. Morton

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    18. I love “LORD I NEED YOU OH I NEED YOU”, it inspires me a lot. I am addicted to it and i just do not want to stop listening to it. I feel nearer to my GOD when listening to it and HIM telling me everything will be ok. I love that song.

    19. Hopefully, this message will grab some attention. When we who are called by his name,
      Children of God praise God it should be totally out of our transformed hearts, minds, and souls. When we allow the world the opportunity to dictate what sounds good and what doesn’t in regards to what we write, sing, or record for God or allow the world the opportunity to divide and segregate us according to color ethnicity or any other judgemental category, we become players of the system to destroy God’s praise. We should not allow the world to tell us what is the number one song. I believe that any song from any body “novice or professional that praises God for who He is and what He does is number one. I’m a praise and worship leader and I chose a song to sing in our congregation based upon the lyrics and sounds ability to lift God in the highest praise.!

    20. In a time when i need it the most. I just listen to these beautiful songs of praise and worship and just meditate on every word.

    21. I have fallen in love with some of the songs sung more in African-American churches. Just check out ” I Give Myself Away” or “My God is Awesome” if you get a chance.

    22. i am a nigerian…am keen listening to foreign worship…i want u to send list pure worship songs to my e-mail address. tnks and God bless.

    23. Why oh why ??? :((( This is about worship, not color…STOP bringing that into the throne of God where we are desperately trying to worship…I have been away from it for soooo long & was so wooed to come back & was worshiping so intimately, then I scrolled down & saw that comment (Jeff) and that just TOTALLY sickened me … I cant imagine how God must feel to see that! You managed to take all the attention on HIM & put it on a racial thing … what a shame…again…just ruined it.

    24. Just here to ask a question. Need a list of the top African American Christian artist. Ones that teenagers listen to. Thanks so much!!

    25. nice article.pls am an upcoming worship singer can i get a list of congregational worship songs 2 my email dat will help my worship addicted 2 4rm nigeria……tnk u

    26. Wow a lot of insight – I think the best thing to do is to remember that this list is meant to cover a specific genre of music. I don’t believe that the author in any way intended to use only “WHITE” music. I’m latin america… by that account should I be offended that there is no “Spanish/Brown/Whatever it’s called” music.

      As the Church of Christ, we are no longer White, Black, Jew, or anything, but covered by the Blood of Christ, and partakers of the great kingdom of God. Always remember that it is the Holy Spirit that now dwells within us, and that we are called to be like Christ, who did not see Samaritan, Jew, or Roman, but saw the soul and the heart of the person. Maybe next year we can have best worship songs from each genre or something. But it’s a little sad that the body of Christ continues to struggle with issues that Jesus had to deal with while he was here LOL.

      Bottom line, everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and it should be respected, but let’s never forget that when it comes to the Church we are ONE, of One Body, of One Mind, of ONE SPIRIT. And I CANNOT WAIT to see you all in God’s kingdom one day.

      God Bless You All! :D

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    28. From my opinion, i would most likely put ‘Hill-song United Ocean-where feet may fail’ that beautiful song has really brought me closer to Jesus Christ my saviour and I’m only 16 years old. I feel his presence where ever i am now, i feel him edging closer to take us home; i know he’s real and i even had dreams proving his existence. I had a worship like no other listening to that beautiful sound. GodBless you all and I’ll definitely edge people in my age group to follow God through my experience. I love you all brothers and sisters x

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